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As we all know, to do the site, are inseparable from SEO. Because the site is not behind closed doors, Tian Ya think, no one site does not need the public to browse, and in today's search engine for the King of the era (at least for now), then we want to attract viewers, it is essential to rely on search engines. To do search engine optimization is the first step is to analyze keywords, because only the correct choice of keywords, to the site to bring practical useful traffic. Today on how to analyze the key words to tell their own experience and skills.

One: Learn keyword analysis

Keywords in the SEO optimization occupies an important position just already talked about, here no longer long-winded, keyword, is to your website, or to your products, services, a descriptive word, as a SEO, can correctly choose the Site keyword is the most basic ability. The competitiveness of the key words determines the difficulty of your future optimization. Therefore, if it is a new webmaster, Zhengzhou SEO proposal to find a more knowledgeable seoer help you select keywords, and then slowly learn how to select keywords.

Second: Learn to use keyword Analysis of SEO tools

8630.html "> Sometimes, select the keyword is not just our own ideas, to choose what to choose, a lot of novice webmaster in the site just on the line when the hasty choice of keywords, resulting in their own site optimization for a long period of time will not bring traffic, please a master to check, or keyword competitiveness , or not the slightest use, and finally a key to change the keyword, but can not escape the search engine punishment. Therefore, I suggest that you novice webmaster friends with webmaster Tools, such as the site's competitors, the core keywords and so on are analyzed.

Third: Learn to analyze keyword search volume

After learning to use the Keyword analysis tool, we also learn to analyze the keyword search volume. In search engines (such as Baidu) core keywords, if the number of search engine results on behalf of your keywords more competition, the other is the same truth.

The competition data of the general online announcement keywords are as follows:

(1) Search less than 500,000, representing the easy

(2) Search less than 1 million, representing small difficulty

(3) Search more than 100, medium difficulty

(4) Search more than 3 million, to long-term efforts to be able to have a good ranking

(5) Search more than 5 million, represents extremely difficult (need teamwork, generally SEO company can)

Here is a little trick to tell you that my teacher taught me. With intitle: Core keywords, according to the number of core keywords of the page to determine its search volume, if the big indication of competition, turn around to do other medium keywords to go, here on the province with the tool analysis of that Kung Fu.

Four: Pay attention to design site structure and keyword optimization

1, choose the keyword when you have to pay attention to the page is independent domain name, level two domain name. If the Ultrasound keyword is the page is all content page, webmaster can do some special topics such as optimization quickly ranked up. Colleague flow will also be a lot of oh, my teacher a core keyword to do health topics, and then a page of traffic reached more than 100,000, you can think of that ranking that is not still the mad ah.

2, using title,keywords,description and other tags to set the core keywords, where you can refer to those topics similar to you or the same site, see how their Metakeyword is written. This way you may get unexpected keywords, but do not paste the template directly, because you do not know how the network management in the design of the keyword before the study of those possibilities.

3, sitemap (html.xml format, etc.)

4, friendship links can, do more, on the PR, keyword promotion effect should not be underestimated.

Five: Listen more, read more, study article edited in: http://www.dianshiseo.com/, reprint please bring the source!

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