On the importance of internal links please do not overlook the role of internal links

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Internal links are often easy to ignore SEO, although the search engine in the weight is not very high, but is a lot of friends will ignore this thing. is also a lot of SEO effect does not really play out the important reasons, especially the large web site.

Small Web sites are also relatively easy to organize internally, because of the low content. But large web sites because of the content is very much, if not well organized links between each other, often very confusing, internal links in large sites are usually more important than external links, regardless of external links and internal links, in fact, bear a mission. Is the weight of the transfer, we said that search engine crawl is a page, the link is equivalent to voting, other people's pages linked to your page, is equal to that page to tell the search engine it supports this page.

Different external link weights are not the same, to make a simple analogy, now attend the "Dream Theater" of Old Trafford, where there are a lot of viewers (I use metaphor for internal links), and the judges (external links), you have to first get the support of the audience with your nearest distance. Although each audience vote is equal to one, but the number of viewers, add up, the number of votes is many, the judges are authoritative people. Their vote weight is more useful than the audience, but there are only three judges, their one vote can be worth 10 votes, so we should understand why the internal links of large websites so important, so the site must organize internal links.

Good internal link structure, for the amount and amount of information on the site or there is a lot of help, the reasonable layout of the internal links to make the site's page more layered, highlighting the theme of the site, so that the main keywords and long tail keyword ranking more advantages. Internal link design can not be simple for the purpose of SEO internal links, but also pay attention to planning a good internal link structure to provide users. The goal is to improve the user experience of the site. Internal links can also make the site's own pages in all directions, convenient search engine spiders find and crawl more Web pages, thereby increasing the amount of web pages, but also the transfer of PR has a great help. This article originates from http://www.zhengdian.tv reprint please specify!

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