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At present, many programmers are in the aquatic hot situation. We can try to open their own website, one of the site's low entry, there are a lot of templates, you can quickly change a good suit of their own style of the site. Because of their interest in cloud computing, and mastered a lot of this information, but also to learn information and computational science, the network has a more profound understanding, and online but there is no suitable learning this knowledge, so I quickly opened the enterprise-class cloud computing network. Opened for one months, the integration of the aspects of the relatively successful, there are fixed target groups. Although the amount of traffic is not particularly large.

Summarize the experience of professional website:

1, to display the relevant news of the Professional, give people a very practical feeling.

2, relevant theoretical knowledge, to as much as possible to collect relevant information, from the point of view of the visitors.

3, should have relevant professional application cases, such as how I build a cloud platform. Allow users to learn by themselves.

3, open mind, not only to see the advantages of the professional, but also to see the existing problems, seek truth from facts (such as my "World Without Clouds").

At the same time we have to find the corresponding target group, not to let all people visit. But to attract the relevant professional people to improve the stickiness so that we can have a fixed flow. At the beginning of the site to do low-cost operation, almost no cost can be done to advertise the effect. Cloud Computing Network as an example: in Baidu posted cloud computing in the relevant posts, but also pay attention to professionalism, so that others will visit, do not simply advertise. Baidu can also know to answer questions, so as to improve their score and professionalism.

In the advertising level I locked, each university, especially 211, now college students time is still more. I entrust a friend in Shanghai Jiaotong University drink BBS registered (such BBS we do not have the school mailbox is unable to register), and then publish the corresponding professional articles, posts. This gives my site a lot of vitality, because of the authority of the BBS, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, foreign universities, experts have come to visit. Later in other BBS similar practices, the effect is very good.

In short, to professional website to find a professional crowd, so you succeed half. Author: Zhang.porsia (Zhang) www.ecloud.com.cn release date: 2009-08-8

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