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Recently, two websites have been abuzz with speculation about their being fired with a bit of ironic humour. However, no matter how the process, being abused or ridiculed, it is understandable that the two websites fire. As for the fire can not attract customers, long-term fire down, it depends on the site's own value.

The first site is www.025yc.com, he jumped the red Internet because the PR value of this site is as high as 10. A little bit of internet common sense people are clear, PR value reached 10 is how an astonishing existence. Unfortunately this site through PR hijacking cheat to achieve the PR value equals 10 is soon disclosed, you say you cheat at least seriously, do a PR value of 5 or 6, or even 7 also strengths, must be reckless and earth-shattering to a PR value equal to 10. This is good, by TIANYA it Observer, "small carving insects" dismissed as the "PR value equals 10, that RP equals a few?"

The second site is www.sto5.com, if the first site to jump red way and means slightly despicable and naïve, the way the site is relatively smart to do some. Open this is can be regarded as a common and can not be in the ordinary page, perhaps casually to a slightly understand Dreamweaver people to do can also do a little bit better. But even a proficient in the web design, proficient in the background management, proficient in the development of the universal talent is also difficult to climb with Baidu what relationship, and www.sto5.com did, even if the relationship between the two seems not very harmonious. When you open www.sto5.com, the first thing to see is a passage: "Baidu you a big villain, Baidu does not have my website, also said what" Baidu, you know "baidu.com really very rubbish." "The naughty stationmaster used a very crab's words to let his station become famous." Even with the "Baidu you a Big bad", has become a recent more fashionable words.

Despise to despise, naughty return naughty. But through these two not particularly competitive websites quickly became popular, we have to secretly envy a. In addition to jealousy, we are not difficult to find the two sites in common. That is, by dint of force, stepping on the shoulders of giants occasion promotion. The first site is based on the PR value of a recent big update, borrowing Google's potential. The second site is through the support of Baidu and anti-Baidu two sides of the opposite of the fans on the basis of the potential to borrow Baidu. Google and Baidu are a handful of the internet in the big guy, as the saying goes: "Back to the tree good shade", relying on the two big guys, by their momentum to not be famous I am afraid it is difficult.

Does this mean that we as a common webmaster as long as the two sites to emulate the popular idea can also be successful? In fact, the two sites borrow the potential of speculation, in case a careless becomes the target. So we should emulate occasion rather than speculation. According to my analysis, the best way to occasion is not to borrow the big guys. Because the use of the momentum of the big guys will often be masked in the glory of the big guy, but also very easy to arouse the discontent of the big guys. Therefore, the best way to occasion should be to use public opinion of the large network, with the guidance of public opinion to the big one.

Web2.0 era, the public opinion is no longer only a small number of media organizations in control, the era of every bloger can talk about the news of the communicators and creators. As long as good use of the momentum of numerous blogs, through the dissemination of the group of opinion leaders, as a basis for successful promotion should not be difficult. And in the blog marketing classic case is Zhuo Zhuo Net, believe this case everyone will not unfamiliar. With these successful cases in front, I think, we have successfully promoted the goal of their own website is also at your fingertips.

Do not deceive everyone said that my small station promotion is in intensive progress. I believe that in the near future you will be able to see the promotion of my website O (∩_∩) o ...

The spirit of the Internet is to share, here, I also do not stash, directly to everyone recommended I am using the A5 Blog Alliance Promotion Services. Hey, this is a highly efficient and high performing team. After the success of the promotion, I will continue to share my experience in operations management. Welcome you to exchange the discussion, about my small station promotion effect everybody please accompany me to wait and see.

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