Online games in the low Ebb transition: open Society into focus

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Last weekend, the annual gaming event-China International Digital Interactive Entertainment Exhibition (Chinajoy) in Shanghai, according to the organizers of the data, this year Chinajoy a total of more than 50 countries and regions of more than 300 enterprises exhibiting, on-site display of game products to reach the thousands.  As in previous years, showgirl is still the most eye-catching aspect of ChinaJoy, but behind these beautiful figures, the industry is more concerned about the new meaning that some quiet online games industry is brewing in recent years. Open platform trend in the Internet industry in the 2011, "open platform" has become the most popular four words, almost all can have a large or small user platform for the Internet companies are in the "open" yell.  And in this ChinaJoy, from the major internet companies and game makers of the bosses, also once again "open platform" as their main content of the speech. "One of the goals of openness is the supply of co-operation among vendors; there is no limit to openness; "Tencent game President Ningyu in the Summit forum. Zhou, chairman of Qihoo 360, said: "360 do not do their own games, we are willing to work with you through 360 of the open platform, the Internet users to share to everyone, we together to play the industry to do more, we through and everyone's cooperation, we share the income of online games. "Regardless of whether these speeches are really open or false, at least the concept of ' open platform ' is still at the stage of speech, and it's hard to find a trace on the actual booth at ChinaJoy." "According to the game industry analysis. "Open platform" for domestic game manufacturers, especially the two or three-line game manufacturers, is indeed a new opportunity. "Social games are becoming popular through the baptism of" stealing vegetables "and" growing vegetables ", and now netizens are fully aware of the glamour of social games. In ChinaJoy, the industry expects 2011 social games to be up to 1 billion yuan. The social gaming market may grow four times times in 2011. According to the recent data released by Analysys International, China's social gaming users have reached 85 million people in 2010, three times times more than online gaming users. The social gaming market is expected to reach 1.63 billion by 2012, with an increase in the size of active paying subscribers to 17 million. By 2013 China's social gaming market will reach 2.85 billion yuan, and social gaming users will reach 130 million. Compared to the "open platform" of the paper, social games in this chinajoy can be said to be a shine, such as the "three kill" this kind of many people at the same time to participate in social games have been popular with many live audiences. "Social networking will bring opportunities to the gaming industry!" "The social game is not a final state and the new platform has brought more opportunities to Chinese manufacturers who are good at making big games," said Tan, chairman and CEO of the Southern Daily News.  "According to the reporter learned that, this ChinaJoy exhibition, including nine city wireless, including many game manufacturers, will participate in the direction of the exhibition on the social platform." Nanfang Daily reporter Chan
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