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First of all, I have to say that the optimization of dedecms has been very good, my site 571 free space is used to weave dream 5.6, but in the length of the URL control, personal feeling is still lacking. Here specifically for the Dream CMS to shorten the length of the URL method.

One: Remove a directory and HTML directory

As we all know, the DEDECMS5.5 version has changed the root directory HTML to a directory, the intention is to reduce the length of the URL. But what we have to do is to discard the A catalogue.

The method is very simple, in the system setup, the document HTML default save path to this place a/a delete, leaving only/. HTML directory deletion method. Or in the column management, select the corresponding column changes, the file save the directory after a delete. After making these adaptations, the previous http://website domain name/a/year/month day/document id.html becomes http://website domain name/year/month Day/document id.html form. But so far, the revolution has not been successful, comrades still need to work hard to see the second step.

Second: Remove the date classification directory:

Use Dedecms to do the website, in the default state, link form is http://website domain name/a/year/month Day/document Id.html here, our goal is http://website domain name/directory name/document ID is very short?

Method: In fact, the dream of weaving in the 5.5 version of the time has provided this function. Login background--Modify parameters--Other settings--whether to allow the directory as the document file name, the document naming rules should read: {typedir}/{aid}/index.html: Do you see it? Select Yes, then in the Site column management--the corresponding column point change--advanced option-- Article naming rules, here fill in {typedir}/{aid}/index.html.

Update the column HTML to see if it becomes http://website domain name/directory names/documents ID form?

My site: http://www.571free.com Dream Tutorials directory can be used as a demo. Note: Because can not be a site all the links are modified, so today just updated the dream-Weaving tutorial This column, to see the demo, please open the column verification.

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