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How to contact SEO has been 1.5 months or so, from the beginning of the theft of articles to the original original to the present is A5 repeatedly included, basically every day one or two contributions can be passed, but also a little experience, to a novice webmaster and novice seoer to share, to solve your immediate.

We start with the lowest end and steal the article. Stolen articles, is also a knowledge, not that you casually steal points over, Baidu can be collected, said, but do not agree with the theft of articles, especially the kind of theft also do not write the name of the original author, but also be a hole countless times. But here is simple for everyone to say it, master so several principles, first of course is relevance, the higher the better; a new, new article content, Baidu Spider has not seen, of course, like; one is odd, strange things, in fact, with the new almost meaning, but odd more eye-catching point; Authoritative article, Baidu Spider also likes very much. Master such a few principles, then to the relevant, high weight of the site to find resources, it is not difficult.

Below I let us talk about false original, there are so many ways, but to give you mainly talk about two of them. First, collation + comment type, from the network to find some related resources, enrichment, or their own summary, several articles integrated together, or several points of view integration, and then take their own comments below, such an article, is also a good false original. The second, is to steal ideas do not steal text, you feel an article of the entry point, the idea of an article is very good, then you steal to use, with your own knowledge and language to organize, so an article, has been very similar to the original, especially if you can mix some of their own insights, such false original, Baidu is largely out of the divide.

The final finale, but also the most important, original article creation. How to do original articles, general biased comments category, analysis class, thinking class, technical category of the article is relatively few, this is why? First of all, we have just stolen articles in the chapter also said that the novelty of things, more able to attract Baidu Spider's vision, but also more able to attract the user's vision, There is a depth of discussion on the latest and hottest topics, very popular with the Baidu and A5 editors, generally speaking, as long as your idea has a certain value, there is a certain depth of thinking, there is enough readability, Baidu is sure to be able to include this type of article, A5 editors will certainly be able to pass the manuscript of your article , so that you get a very high quality outside the chain. An excellent original article, not only can enrich your blog, improve your site collection, and through the chain to a certain extent to improve your keyword ranking, but also to provide you with a very high quality of the chain, because the chain must also be included, only to be able to effect. No matter the chain outside the chain, the first must be included in support, that is, the content to support, so the construction of original content, website construction and site optimization of the most important, this point, I hope everyone can remember in mind. As for the article on the technical class, if there is not enough depth, is likely to become a cliché, not enough innovation and depth will not be Baidu spiders and users of the favor, because in this information explosion of the era, the transparency of technology will be more and more high, you know the thought, is probably from the network, Of course, some of your thoughts, a lot of people on the network have put it on the network, these technical articles before the creation of the article, but suggested that you first search in Baidu this aspect of the article, especially with your ideas particularly similar to the article, if too much, it is not recommended to write again.

There is a sentence to emphasize again, SEO is part of the network marketing, do SEO, but also to look forward to the direction of network marketing, do analysis, think, in fact, may be more effective than your merely technology to come. For example, the key word mining, such as the industry's user thought, cognition, behavior collection and research, this kind of article, this aspect of the idea, in fact, more than pure technical articles to attract people, but also to improve your SEO skills. Perhaps you brainwave, out of a god-level marketing strategy, First World War fame is not impossible.

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