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Wen/Zhang Two of the world's top outdoor apparel brands of retailers adopt each unique approach to attract customers, and effectively integrate E-commerce and direct marketing combined. As a brand retailer, if you ignore digital direct channels, it is likely that you will only "win" the collective cold eye of consumers. Don't believe you can ask the North face and Patagonia.  The two world's top brands of outdoor apparel retailers adopt each unique approach to attract customers, effectively integrate E-commerce and direct marketing. A way to lure consumers to Patagonia, for example, is to use e-commerce more effectively to interact with brand enthusiasts and provide related services, rather than for merchandising. The company has taken a firm approach by positioning its brand clearly in the marketing strategy of attracting environmentalists, through the "Cleanest product line" sample and the "Shared water" campaign to publicize its environmental philosophy. Since the idea was made public at the beginning of the website, the enthusiasm of the brand enthusiasts was obviously high, and the user comments were published.  In addition, the site for each of the products are dedicated to a similar question and answer site Quora Interactive area. If a customer finds a product that does not provide feedback on the user's comments, the Patagonia online chat operator proactively asks if you need help. Regrettably, however, its online sales are far less aggressive than their branding efforts.  For example, Patagonia has inserted a picture of up to 4 8 styles of short jackets on its jacket display page, without an impressive one. In contrast, Northfis only inserted 9 jackets in his jacket display page, and each jacket picture is large enough to allow customers to browse without clicking on another link.  This slight difference may seem trivial, but for those who occasionally log on to the website to browse the jacket information, although the two brands are Northfis, the pages of the product are more easily accessible. This does not mean that the Northfis website is made perfectly.  Northfis is not doing enough to enhance customer interaction, nor does it provide online chat reps, and it requires consumers to leave comments on the right side of each product picture. Northfis's brand management director Adam Ketcheson also believes they have a lot of work to do. "In any case, we can continue to build our community, the user opinion bar building for anyone in the site space is always the most important."  "In fact, Northfis E-commerce site is expected in the second quarter of a new revision, so that the site to facilitate consumer browsing." "Northfis offers a more convenient, visually more intuitive, advanced shopping experience," said Bill Hustad, the customer's vice president for E-commerce services provider Jack. The site uses a strong contrast to the deep tone, so that the product show more obvious effect.  In addition, its product sample is much larger than Patagonia. Social Media marketing agency likeable MediaCEO Dave Kerpen also said that "most customers appreciate simple rather than messy designs", but he praises Patagonia's online chat platform as "more important to me as a customer". Direct mail Service Electric business strategy each company's strategy for e-mail marketing is consistent with its e-commerce strategy. In a January 24 e-mail, Patagonia declared: "The company will carry out a 70 percent discount on all winter garments, and free shipping and gift vouchers for all orders of over 75 dollars."  "But there is no explicit promotion of any product in the message, and the label linked to its E-commerce site is small and difficult to remember." This approach is the same as the one that Patagonia sent a second mail in January, when the second e-mail was reviewed by the direct marketing news. Patagonia tends to comment on the matter, the subsequent mail was taken up in a large format by a photograph in which a dog sits in the snow, sitting next to a baby dressed in Patagonia's snow-proof children's clothing, holding a child-like sled. The title of the photo is this: "The Merchant sells special, all men and women, everybody is suitable, wants to buy quickly, today closes." "Northfis the Summer Series M e r u P a c L T e jacket in an email sent out on January 24, and send out" know more "call, appeal to readers to login company website page browsing product information topics, shopping options, rating articles, similar products and use the" sharing "button,  All of this is to increase the likelihood of product sales. It provides photos of the red and black two jackets and embeds a 58-word introductory text into a giant product link.  The labels linked to the ecommerce site appear two times in bold form at the top of the text message. While both are selling products in the form of printed samples, Patagonia is a positive innovator and an improvement. In the winter of 2011, Patagonia samples were effective in terms of product and brand promotions. Unlike its E-commerce Web site, the product picture in its sample occupies a lot of space and attracts more readers ' attention. Most of these images are exotic ski resorts, such as the Tuscaro mountain in the United States Utah State or the Skeena Mountains in BC, Canada. and the products associated with these landscapes are short features such as the Earth 2.4bn, written by the wildlife biologist Douglas H. Chadwick.  Reading these articles can be an imagination, as if buying a Patagonia product will take you on an adventure trip. However, Patagonia's E-commerce site strategy appears to be inadequate. The only information that attracts readers of the catalogue to the site is that the small font is shown in the lower-right corner every few spreads, but it's hard to see. Readers are only paged to page 33rd of the table of contentsTo see the company's invitation to provide e-mail contact.  This invitation is still in the lower right corner of the page in small font. Northfis's "2010 Giveaway Guide" is outmanoeuvred to attract sample readers to the site. Unlike its catalog, Northfis's electronic web site is highly appreciated for its product promotions. It invites readers to participate in the lottery of "winning outdoor equipment for a whole year" in an open full-page advertisement. Interested participants will be required to register at the Northfis store or website to obtain a lottery opportunity. Retail chambers like Patagonia offer exotic stories and pictures. Unlike Patagonia's catalogue, the stories in the Northfis brochure are printed on separate advertising pages rather than directly on the product. This allows customers to read these stories without considering the shopping experience. Northfis's product picture is darker than the hue of the product displayed on its website.  Many Northfis product pictures are less than an inch across the page, but the picture is surrounded by six to seven inches of other product pictures.  Stimulating sales or attracting eyeballs? In terms of social media marketing, Patagonia maintains a close relationship with its customers, suggesting that Patagonia may have fewer fans than Northfis. But it remains to be seen that Patagonia is in close contact with all the fans from all sources. It currently has only 78,825 fans from Facebook and 20,962 followers from Twitter. Adam Metz, founder of Metz Consulting, a social management consultancy, said: "If Patagonia is going to a party, she will bring in two friends, and Northfis will bring in 100 acquaintances." "Northfis's Facebook and Twitter pages are full of information. As of January 25, Northfis has 768,917 fans from Facebook and 24,845 followers of Twitter. Unlike Patagonia, Northfis will publish every conversation with a customer on its Facebook page. "We don't mention customer concerns in public forums, but we send private messages to Facebook users or send messages to Twitter users," Adamketcheson said. "If Patagonia upgrades its E-commerce site and takes the sales-driven approach to email and social marketing, it could pose a threat to other vendors in the industry," he said. The brand is more focused on capturing the interest of fans than on stimulating sales directly.  Although Northfis could have spent more time talking to its clients, it always insists on providing compelling content introductions while delivering impressive direct-response sales. "RELATED LINKS" Northfis (the North Face) has 34 distribution stores in the United States at 2008 years to open e-commerce Patagonia (Patagonia) in the United States has 27 distribution stores in 1997 to open E-commerce
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