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At present, I am in Changsha, an enterprise management training company Network Department. Serving 1 months 9 days. The main work is to do SEO, do do information release, some network to the intention of customers to negotiate. Work said busy also busy, said tired also tired. It is also the first time I have come back to work since 09, when I gradually abandoned the network to the 09 low completely. So, in the face of this work, I expressed a blank face.

Remember when you just accepted this enterprise management training website mood is quite complex. The entire site only accepts a background permission, the background can only add articles to publish information only. Site front structure is unreasonable, poor design, even in different browsers and resolution under the frame dislocation. The user experience degree is seriously missing. Title and description,keywords unreasonable also can not move, unexpectedly no link add item, also means I can not add friendship connection, at least can only others unilaterally add my friend chain, to my transmission pr. FTP administrative permissions are even less. Outsourcing company, outsourcing of the site is the company's friends, can not rush, not urgent, not to roar. In other words, everything should be harmonious. The new website has been slow to come out. Because the program is ASP, try to upload a few ASP trojan, want to get Webshell permissions to modify the Web page. Obviously the defense does not have the special ox, but I wait for rookie still not to penetrate, moreover also does not want to waste this heart.

Facing the whole situation, looked at, the heart is still more discouraged. Discouraged and discouraged, work has to go. After several exchanges, it was found that the site could not be improved. Then do the best thing with the power of the present.

First of all to determine the current form of the entire site.

Web site PR3, BR0, included 600+, outside the chain 500+, ip10-30, pv20-50, the hands of a group of 60 administrator rights. After all, 7 years of the company 4 years of nearly 5 years of the site has a bit of accumulation. And the source of traffic mostly from the long string of keywords. For example: "Everyone has his way, every path is correct." People's misfortune is that they do not want to go their own way, always want to go "because the company is the Enterprise management training class, so the information accumulated by the official website mostly with such an original nature of the phrase. Instead, it leads to a search for the type of person who can find us, but this type of keyword search is small, not a precision customer group. Therefore, the natural inability to obtain good traffic, precision customers.

So I decided first. Purpose, the purpose of the site is to bring customers! Then start the channel. What the channel is, is to let potential users through this channel to understand us. No doubt, it is best to understand that our channel is SEO.

So I set the general direction.

1, SEO 2, the same type of Web site Propaganda 3, mass bombing and information dissemination. 4, find other ways to promote.

In fact, these are the old routine. Is it useful? I did not know at that time, can only slowly step by step walk to look over.

Then to do SEO, first talk about SEO it. First of all, I took a serious look at Baidu Search Engine Optimization Guide 2.0[official version of the].pdf. As for why to see this, inside content and the old routine SEO explain no difference. . In fact, this is the same as the state leaders to try to speak, the above sentence, seemingly simple, casual, we all know what is not meant. Then there is a large group of people to try to figure out, there will always be some people would consider the true meaning, thereby gaining benefits. Baidu this pdf, nothing to take out to look at, or have a lot of income. User Experience section I will not discuss the details, my site does not allow me to do too much. I can only do web article editing. So, I started with this. Yes, anchor text, inner chain construction. Do the user experience. The user experience can't be too deep. Only add text and connect yourself. For example: Graphic mixed row, the end of the article later, Pro, I guess you can also be interested in these. Or the bottom of the article will get a QQ chat. At best.

Talk about my understanding of external construction. Baidu document has such a paragraph: "Communication tools, popular forums, blogs, high quality friends chain, referral information will be used to determine the value of the site search engine." Well, Baidu you say so, I do it! Baidu's meaning is nothing more, QQ propaganda, BBS propaganda to do outside the chain as well as software, blog propaganda outside the chain of soft text published, other high-weight website to do friends chain outside the chain. So greet colleagues, raise blog! Baidu, Sina, News, Sohu, NetEase, Phoenix. Raising a blog has a bit of meaning, I classify the blog. 1. Technology category. 2. Entertainment class. 3, Home Class 4, Company Type 5, inspirational 6, personal. There are 6 blogs in the early stage. 1 categories per blog. Send an original article related to this type every day. Your ladyship may ask me where to get so many original articles? Very simple, you know I this blog several Meng pictures of the original article where did you come from? Baidu is not included in the forum! For example, a colored forum site! Haha, I see. Go to those forums to find a look, will find some not pornographic articles, but the life of information classes, Baidu is not included. So I first time to wait for him to publish, immediately copy sticky. For example: Foreign fun Forum, direct translation over OK. For example: think for yourself. Blog to raise half a month, found that each article is basically included on the OK. Of course, blogs are also about typing. For example, the old rules, Baidu blog included the fastest, I will Baidu blog positioning company's official blog, send some official information, enterprise Management training type of article, add anchor text. But do not add too ruthless, a period of time before adding too ruthless, to May 9 after not included, and then immediately adjust the direction, so that colleagues do not tangle with the key words of the article. Indeed, there is a better, and began to collect. As for Sina Blog, technical + entertaining. Because of Sina's entertainment atmosphere is too heavy, Baidu more value. For example, this blog, the establishment of the next day, hair of the Meng map, indeed 1 hours or so is included. Today, the Meng figure 1 minutes and so on included. Later, the test issued "[Bohai Pick up 0516] Jiangnan rain, the wind sent Grangchang" Really 1 minutes is also included.

Here's the blog. Then say the high weight of the external chain and soft text. With the maturity of the Internet, the chain is bound to become more and more difficult to do, followed by the search engine to the value of the external chain. In fact, I feel that this is a resource accumulation. For example, we all know, Inrul:bbs gov.cn hard to find, in fact, there are many stations can register, and registration can be signed with personality connection, as well as posting with connection, but not with www. Find out by heart. For example: bbs.zgts.gov.cn. However, some stations still need to wait a period of time to send anchor text posts. Use excl to record your registered account number, etc. Slowly accumulate. To a certain amount of time, the effect is good. Then is the main webmaster forum, this aspect of the effect is good, included fast, Baidu recognized. For example A5, if no account to spend 10 yuan to buy a, will let you benefit a lot.

Soft writing, this is more than toss people. I still old opinion it, can write their own writing, of course, I still suggest must revolve around the topic of keywords, do not heap keywords, also do not have an article with the keyword irrelevant but interspersed in. That's useless, Baidu can understand now. Soft writing published words, webmaster Forum Soft Zone can be released, included fast, Baidu recognition degree is also relatively good. Industry-Class Forum, portal station can also be sent. Because I this industry is to do enterprise management training, so in the same industry portal every day to contribute, I think is, 100 articles can always give me a bar! If passed, the effect is good.

Of course, Baidu Encyclopedia, know, search and ask, Sina love to ask, Yahoo Knowledge Hall outside the chain is must do. Classified information Network, Baidu Search, a lot of information issued to the Web site. These are still pretty good resources. To do the encyclopedia chain, for this aspect, I do not very good advice. Do it on your own, keep doing it non-stop! I used to do a word 10 times, constantly modified, keep looking at what looks like ad suspicion, and finally passed. Words to find about us this line of rare, in fact, the most important thing is to do outside the chain, so do not value others to visit, and do not make it difficult to modify the competitors. Occasionally also spend 2 yuan to pig above let a person do, also not expensive. Occasionally also spend a few cents a way to do a forum outside the chain. There is no doubt about the effect of spending money. One months down dozens of dollars, can also bear.

Another point, is the effect of QQ group. Every day 60+QQ group carries on the advertisement bombing. But I have been carefully designed and experienced by clients. For example, how many words, font color, size. Then why do you want to see this connection? Slowly, there are users to start clicking, the effect is pretty good. It makes me think of the former one to be a very successful man, the servers did not do any external optimization, Baidu Top 5. Of course, he set up a level two blog, do not elaborate on this. I would like to say that his two-level blog is related to this game content, as well as the introduction and so on. And then every day to cut words and sentences to send group information. Occasionally sucked into his sentence, did not think it was advertising on the point. Now think, still admire!

After months of work. I kept the blog for 15 days, bringing the effect is pretty good. After the big half month Changsha Enterprise training, Changsha management and so on several regional training related key words to stabilize the first. Thus also brought me a little intention of customers, the daily flow of 80-120 steadily rising. Another half month to do business management training this keyword, from the sixth page to 13, and then to the 5th place, and then suddenly fell to 15, the heart of a correction. Immediately analyzed the reason, found out when, just is the holiday time, and just is the flow of less than ever. Nothing else moved. and flow than the previous large radian reduction, only the holiday did not publish in QQ group. So, is the flow of stability and the source of Baidu also have algorithms? Perhaps, there are many things do not understand, and precisely when my site traffic reached the highest level ever, ranked from 15 to 2nd. Of course, which also can not be divided, I continue to the relative to the keywords of the soft text writing release. Also think of the above Baidu official SEO instructions mentioned in the communication software, perhaps the stability and source of traffic, Baidu really in the textual research.

Almost a summary of their own. Writing too messy, but also some of the experience of the talk. Road long its repair far XI, I will be up and down and searching. Oneself or SEO small rookie one, still a lot of things do not understand, need to slowly groping. In fact, today's blog is my search engine for a groping. A variety of small experience, said the wrong place, a lot of advice, mutual exploration, learn from each other. Recently also in the planning to write some blog mass software, reduce the task, an original article up to 5 blog synchronization can be published. If written out, will be shared to everyone. SEO is a persistent, patient, has been trying to do a systematic project. Pay tribute to all the seniors and learners who dug up the SEO. Mo on rookie This article a little humble opinion to let you spectators jokes. Thank www.2222880.com Webmaster feeds!

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