Patty wedding night fighting 15 hours? 2 years before the two world.

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Huang Bojun (right) lead Patty Sweet debut, Patty smile filled with happiness (1/12) Patty 17th and husband Huang Bajun married in Bali, formally become a wife. However, not only wedding attention, two people's Bridal chamber night also received attention, a few days ago media reports that the newlyweds in the wedding night after the 11-point party, immediately into the wedding, until the next day 2 o'clock in the afternoon more than the lovers, fighting for 15 hours.  In this respect, patty heard laughter, saying that everyone really cute. Sweet Doll Patty finally and Huang Bajun married, although the mother Lin "small number of Fate theory" rob a lot of focus, but the outside are very curious about the progress of new people, so the media reported two people in the wedding night fighting 15 hours.  When she first came into the shed to videotape her husband's wife, she had a smile on her face, but said she would not be pregnant in the near future, at least for two or 1-2 years. Although two people have been married, but there is media but Huang Bajun in and Patty exchanges before, and the breeze to help a daughter, but at that time, the annual salary of NT $ more than 10 million he, but was too little earned, was rejected by the woman's parents. This article, a netizen vigorously praised Patty is true love, also force quite said: "This also shows that showbiz has true love, not every female star eyes only money." [Page] wedding scene, Huang Bojun for Patty wear a ring (2/12) [page] Patty and husband (3/12) [page] Patty and Huang Bojun yesterday in the Bali wedding dress, almost the whole big hand pull small hands (4/12) [page] Patty beaming (5/12) [ Page] Patty happy to return to Taiwan after marriage, the husband pulls Hou hand (6/12 Zhang) [page] Patty a three to return Taiwan (7/12) [page] Patty and husband happy not forget lonely Hou (8/12) [Page] Patty (right) walk on board, High heels once hook to wedding dress (9/12) [page] Patty yesterday to receive an interview, with husband Huang Bojun stand on the lawn close to Hope (10/12) [Page] Patty (right) the day before yesterday by "PaPa" Chiu Jiaxiong led into the wedding Hall (11/12) [page] Lin in a dress to marry her daughter , very happy (12/12)
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