People's life, like by bus, you will be in the car Which?

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A person's life is like riding a bus. Some people travel long, some people travel short, some people are very calm, you can enjoy the scenery outside the window, some people are very lucky, a car can be seated, some people are very unlucky, even if the whole car people sit down, he still standing ...

A man's life is like taking a bus

We know that it has a beginning and an end, but cannot predict the journey along the way. Some people have a short trip, some people are very calm, you can enjoy the scenery outside the window some people are very embarrassed, always in the push and crowded among the people hanging on the door, may fall at any time, it seems to feel gratified to get comfortable and elegant, Seating is an essential opportunity, so it's always being fought for. Some people are lucky to have a seat when they get on the bus. Even if the whole car sits down, he still stands and sometimes his seat is empty, but there is no movement and when you are determined to go elsewhere, The man in the seat just left to sit or keep his seat, some people disregard the conscience, and even hurt others because of such reasons, had to hand the seat to others some people used a variety of ways, the long wait, finally can sit down but then he has arrived at the moment of the car, he recalled the car , perhaps feeling for a mere seat, thought dawned actually even if afresh, he still will scramble for, because sometimes if does not sit down, may not even stand the position to be able to do not have until you never get on the bus, and this is not by the person who decides to arrive at the station, the person in the car still

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