Ping grams-Freud's son was indicted by British police for violent marches

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Thursday Ping Floyd band guitarist David Gilmore son was sued by British police Sina Entertainment Beijing time January 31 news, according to foreign media reports, on the Thursday Ping Floyd band guitarist David Gilmore son was sued by the British police,  He took violent action in protest against the British government's march to raise college fees. David Gilmore's son, Charlie, is 21 years old and enrolled in the history Department of Cambridge University. Last November 3, the British government announced a big rise in university tuition fees, allowing universities to raise annual undergraduate tuition fees from a maximum of 3290 pounds (about 35,000 yuan) to 9000 pounds (about 96,000 yuan). The move sparked discontent among college and university employees, with the British National Students ' Union (NUS), the British University and College Union (UCU) November 10 organising University and university lecturers to march on the streets of London. Although most of the marchers took a calm protest, a few people took violent measures such as smashing the fire and clashed with the police. In particular, the march of December 9, some protesters even attacked the luxury sedan containing Prince Charles and his wife.  Charlie Gilmore was one of the protesters who marched on that day. That day, Charlie Gilmore hand holding a red and black flag, holding a book of poetry. He climbed the fence outside the British Parliament and read the verses of Byron and Keats to the police. Then he climbed to London's First World War Memorial Monument, Cenotaph, and dragged the British flag to the swing. He also tried to ignite a stack of newspapers at the door of the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, as the police arrived and left. When Prince Charles's car was attacked 7 o'clock that night, he was standing nearby. One hours later, he was photographed at the entrance to the Topshop store in Oxford Street, where a woman's leather boots were hidden under his coat. Afterwards Charlie Gilmore was arrested on suspicion of violent chaos, theft and intent to damage the national flag. The London police filed a lawsuit against him on charges of violent chaos and theft in Thursday.  Police said there were also 11 protesters who were warned and prosecuted. Charlie Gilmore had regretted his actions and apologized for insulting the dead, but claimed he had not realized what he was doing. He also accused the media of being overly concerned about him through the Internet. Charlie is David Gilmore's stepson. His biological father was poet Heiscott Williams (Heathcote Williams), and his mother married Gilmour in 1994. Before he went to college, he studied at Les Lancing, where tuition was 9000 pounds per semester. David Gilmore has not commented on the matter. linden/
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