Project manager must have 5 product basic competencies

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You might find it strange: What does a project manager do with a product capability? Do you have enough to hang on to, that's what the product manager should do. Many project managers in Tencent are in a competitive, changing the fast Internet product environment, we can obviously feel the Internet environment to participate in each person's product ability demand, this is a "Everyone is Product Manager" Environment, this is a "product-oriented" environment. As an important role, the project manager needs to meet the requirements of the Internet product environment.

What are the basic product competencies of the project manager? Here are some of the competencies we have discussed:

Ability to understand and analyze requirements (★★★)

Ability to assess demand value (★★★)

Demand splitting capability (★★★)

Product Awareness (business awareness, user awareness) (★★★)

Product experience (judge What's good and bad, what's Better) (★)

Application Scenario Restore capability (★)

User feedback processing capability (★)

Operational Data Analysis Capability (★)

Competitive Analysis Ability (★)

The application of the Moscow principle to the importance of the ability to do a simple order, three stars represent Moment-in Have, two stars represent should Have, a star to represent could Have (Nice to Have), and PM work more closely with the star higher, You may wish to select the first 5 items as a PM to the 5 product basic capabilities. What needs to be explained is that there are a lot of product capability items, and here is just a list of them. (Do you have any suggestions or different opinions?) )

Product development stems from demand, so everyone voted to put the requirements related to the highest star level.

"Software requirements are a communication problem. "--mike Cohn

And PM is like a bridge, a bridge between product, development, testing and communication understanding and collaboration.

Taking the ability of demand splitting as an example, usually the Product manager presents a feature (the VIP player invites a community friend to play the game), looks very simple, generally the product manager wants the team to develop the delivery quickly, but once you do it will find that more and more, there are many places have not been taken into account, the final or not on time delivery, Or adjust the changes repeatedly. The important impact here is the demand splitting capability, if the PM organization team in-depth discussion of user application scenarios, analysis of interactive process and execution path, We can split the feature requirements into multiple specific child attributes (e.g., F1.1). After being invited to join the game, the two sides automatically become friends; F1.2. Invite friends to win after the success of the reward, etc., the team will find that the need for logical omission, the specific constraints and scope of a clear definition (such as: Incentive rules by the unified implementation of the CP, do not allow duplicate rewards,

When PM has the basic product capabilities, the benefits of these capabilities are obvious:

Better understanding and communication with Product manager and technical team

Master the basic ability of products, like mastering the language of the product, foreigners learned Chinese can naturally and better communication. The technical background of the PM can be very good and technical team communication is similar to the truth.

Have a better grasp of what to do and reduce the right to do the wrong thing

A lot of people's understanding of PM is PM responsible for follow-up and monitor the implementation process of the project, the process done well is just doing the right thing, more important is to do the right things, if we do not need to do the product, do a good job and what use. Product awareness, demand analysis and other basic capabilities are to help us do the right sentence

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