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Today login site Statistics to check the search keyword, there is a word suddenly greeted, "website traffic cheating qq287008***", in order to prevent everyone said I advertise for people, I put his QQ number of the post three replaced by * * *. I feel like I'm not supposed to have this kind of content on my website, Baidu in the source of the page to view a moment, indeed there is no my station. My and several other websites, all received this kind of information, I think many stationmaster also received this kind of information.

Suddenly remembered that before using a brush flow software, you can do this: set a false source of traffic, in view of web traffic statistics, you can see this source is true, if set to Baidu search results of the page, in view of the search for the keyword can see the word.

So, I have such a train of thought, the ability of the students can go to realize, do a small software, can be used to crawl a website friendship links, as well as the links link friendship links, and so on, you can get a lot of site data, and then set a false source, Source for a keyword in Baidu or Google's search results page, use this false source to visit several sites crawled to, of course, this keyword is the content you want to advertise, not too long, every visit to a website, is equivalent to completing an ad operation. The ad I received may have been done this way. .

Finally, we should remind you not to do malicious advertising.

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