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These days, the smell of spring do not know that infiltration into every corner of our side, no matter where you are in the weather, Maxthon (Proud tour) will routinely bring you a proud mobile browser 2.5.0 version, the version in a number of places to optimize. Want to see what the new version of surprises? Please listen to the small story.

Latest installation package Download:

Update list v2.5.0 Build 2815

+ Optimize user-guided text to show more practical features

* New Label Button followed by the label, click on any of the tab bar to create a new

* Fixed 3.0 system flash audio without graphics problem

New label, it's that simple.

Although the phone screen is limited, but greedy we always want to browse multiple pages at the same time. At this time, you need to be able to more quickly switch the mobile browser to help you. This update will also be a new label button in advance, not only that, click anywhere in the tab bar can be a new label. With a new version of the tour, you will sigh: New label, is so simple ~ ~

Creating a new label is simpler

User-guided text is more practical

Travel time need guide, when driving need to navigate, use proud browser when ... There are boot text. The latest version of proud mobile browser to user-guided text optimization, to show users more practical functions. Try it quickly, maybe some practical function has been neglected for a long time.

The details remind you to do a good job with any one feature

This is this week's small series of proud mobile browser v2.5.0 This version of the introduction, although only minor changes, but this highly valued user experience of the company, it is very rare, because they do not want to let users for a small problem headaches too long, think users want. Finally, small make up to say is, if you are looking for a mobile browser, so proud mobile browser is really your most appropriate choice.

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