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For a new site, each webmaster is hoping the first time to let all the Internet visitors know the new site, and to browse the site, so that the new site can quickly reach their expected volume of browsing. However, the current network era, more and more sites, has far exceeded the number of billion, so, the production of Web sites, more and more easy to promote the site, more and more difficult.

Recently, I summed up some of the Web site traffic free upgrade methods and skills for webmaster reference, integrated as follows:

1. Navigation website Landing

For a small traffic, not well-known sites, navigation sites can bring you more traffic than search engines and other methods. Simply recommended to the home page is its included in the pages of a humble place, every day to my friend's site to bring about 200 of the traffic.

2. BBS Publicity, Forum Promotion

One time in a forum to see a promotion of the site is much more sophisticated means. It's a small web site that offers job hunting and learning materials, their propaganda staff will be a variety of articles on the site to form a link, and classification put together, posted in various forums, so that it can bring convenience to some people in need, but also not because of too straightforward ads are deleted stickers, propaganda effect is much better. If you paste this information to a more consistent with their own positioning of the forum, you will be able to exchange a lot of clicks.

3. Blog Promotion

This is I in Webmaster Information forum to see, at that time feel really very creative, although drilling loopholes, but really very effective. The Netizen's findings are quoted as follows: "Recently in the music industry's most popular two songs:" Mouse Love Rice "," Two Butterflies ", in Baidu Search the list, the two keyword Daily search volume: 1 mice Love rice ↑181993,2 two butterfly ↑111631, although Google does not have a list of popular keywords, But it can be inferred that the number of searches per day is over 100,000, but you go to google search these two keywords, will certainly let you be surprised, row in the homepage basically all is a person's blog, you think about, every day tens of thousands of people from Google into his blog, and then into his station, this station was founded in July, Since November webmaster Use this method, the current day ranked around 10000, very successful.

4. Viral marketing of pictures

As the beginning of the article said, this is a very creative way of publicity, I believe that in a short time to bring the site a lot of traffic. The first impression of this image is the signature map that is often seen in the forum: a small cartoon character holding a sign with your IP address, operating system, and browser name. The content shown in this section can be changed. It was fun and I didn't think I could do anything else. Later saw on the internet a very wide spread of the New Year's gold medal, you want to send the name of the person can be displayed in the picture of the gold medal, but also thought to be a master PS, and later found that only need to enter text. There is the banner on the Eiffel Tower, which is the same category. By the way, the most used in this kind of method, to upload pictures to play logo. Some of the first sites that use these methods get a lot of clicks from them. Some websites I know from these pictures, such as Haha168,pcpop and so on.

5. E-Mail Promotion method

Based on user-licensed email marketing and spam (Spam), licensing marketing has obvious advantages over traditional promotional methods or unsolicited email marketing, such as reducing the nuisance to users of ads, increasing the accuracy of potential customer positioning, enhancing relationships with customers, and improving brand loyalty. According to the license email marketing application of the user's e-mail address resources in all forms, can be divided into internal list email marketing and external list email marketing, or abbreviation internal list and external list. The internal list is usually called the mailing list, is the use of the site's registered user information to carry out email marketing, common forms such as news Mail, member communications, electronic publications. External List Email marketing is the use of professional service provider's user e-mail address to carry out email marketing, that is, the form of e-mail ads to the service provider's users to send information.

6. Friendship Connection

Text connection and picture connection as well as home eye-catching position exchange, it is best to find some PR higher site

such as software Download Alliance http://www.72a.net.cn

Dog flutter Download Network http://www.womenworlds.cn

Simple Download Network http://www.22world.com.cn



7.QQ Mass Information

Use QQ mass software to publish website information. Can add dozens of QQ group at the same time, each group has 200 people, the total number is also many.

8. Advertising Exchange

Can find some traffic equivalent, or content complementary website Exchange ads, is also a good way to promote.

9. Web site Navigation

Web site now a lot of navigation stations, if they have included their own site, the effect is very good, you can apply directly.

10. Search Engine

Google Yahoo MSN Baidu SOSO

Applications can be submitted.

11. Business Card Promotion

You can print some business cards and print a website. To customers and their friends.

12. NET Picks Promotion

This is the best way to promote the website! As long as you recommend one or two good articles on your site, you will find that the amount of traffic you pick up from the web is amazing. Recommended a number of visits larger than the net pick: every day net pick, Gaga digest, everyone net pick, Sina Vivi, I pick and so on. Recommended when the article should pay attention to, the article lies in the essence and not in many! Before using the net to pick, must read his explanation first, lest because violates the stipulation to be blacklisted. There have been heavy lessons in this regard. To pick up the recommended article also want to grasp the time, the general selection in the peak of the upcoming time recommended, your recommended article visits more than others, can be displayed on the popularity list. Once on the popularity list, the amount of traffic will be staggering. According to my experience, found in the morning 8:00--8:30 is to pick up the recommended articles of prime time!

13. Internet Bar Promotion

A lot of people contact the computer from the Internet café began, if the first time surfing the Internet to browse your website, that impression must be very profound. Specific how to promote it? If you have a good relationship with the Internet Café Boss, then call him the Internet Café Computer home page are set to your site (generally set well, no administrative rights are modified).

14. Making a sensation

such as the article "Real News: Jacky Cheung was killed by electric bicycle", this Jacky Cheung is not the same Jacky Cheung. Visiting figures show a lot of visitors.

15. Text Chain

Add text chain, you can use your traffic for more traffic, and some can change cash (hehe)

Dark Horse help---Second-generation intelligent friendship Exchange Network http://www.heima8.com

Worry-free text chain http://www.51link.com/

Domain Text chain http://www.xvlink.com/

Taiji Chain http://www.textclick.com/

Software Download Alliance http://www.72a.net.cn

Dog flutter Download Network http://www.womenworlds.cn

Simple Download Network http://www.22world.com.cn



16. Participation in various ranking and selection activities

Many large Web sites have opened a variety of personal site rankings and selection activities, such as a variety of traffic statistics system is a free publicity channels, and specialized evaluation site is the obligation for its website propaganda good place. Of course, all kinds of commercial websites or professional stations do not regularly hold a variety of Web site competitions, top 10, such as activities, not only to improve the volume of visits, but also a good opportunity for webmasters to become famous, a lot of participation in this kind of competition, your site will be more people know. But please keep in mind, to Ningquewulan, some of the rankings, the selection of the site itself is not even 100 people per day, then you spend your valuable time to participate in such organizations why?

17. In a variety of guest books, chat rooms, newsgroups published information attention

For personal website promotion way always want to hold a kind of do not spend money or spend less, but can do a child's attitude, this in each guest book, forum or other interactive place advertisement information dissemination way is free. The specific way must be clear to everyone, but need to remember two points: one is to find a popular, high quality forum or guest book release information; Secondly, we should pay attention not to let oneself is to advertise this purpose is too obvious, because this will not only arouse the BBS Netizen's aversion, may also be the moderator delete posts or even the account number. You can do it all in a subtle way,

18. Web site to promote their own online activities

Can do their own activities, can also work with other sites to carry out activities, for example, you are a design site, so you can launch a "So-and-so website logo competition" Activities, so that not only increased the site's interactivity and intimacy, so that their site can quickly increase the number of registered members in a short period of time, Visit the volume and increase the visibility of the site. But remember that if this activity is large-scale, or under the network to carry out, then you have to pay a certain material price, and if you are in collaboration with people or on the Internet, then the personal site can be acceptable.

19. More Solid Friends

No promotion is more important than this. Make some friends, all kinds of friends to know (but not let you promiscuous friends), for example, you and a business station network management is good, that can fully use his relationship to help you in the scope of their permission to promote, if you know a writer, Then maybe he will take the initiative to help you write an article to promote your site.

The typical personal website using this kind of promotion method is: Huajun Software Park

Huajun now has become the idol of many personal websites, but he is now successful from its own reputation and popularity. Because from his internet that year began to continue to build a variety of online friends, coupled with its personal friendly, website production is indeed excellent, over time there are a large number of friends willing to help his software download station for promotion.

20. Using software to promote

The use of software promotion is the most convenient way to promote, can save a lot of time and energy, for the promotion of the initial site is a good way.

Common promotional software: forum mass software, QQ mass software, mass mailing software, message this mass software, search engine login software, through a large number of posts, will soon be able to let your website information by the Internet users to see and be the search engine attention. For such software, personal experience is that such software updates quickly, when a software is more people use, it means that he will quit the stage, because, a large number of use of these software will make the forum, message site webmaster to increase the posting restrictions to resist such software. Of course, there is a mountain high, this depends on the software upgrade speed.

21. Newspapers and magazines, radio and television

The proportion of newspapers, magazines and radio and television accounts for 49.9% of the new site. This data shows that we should pay attention to the role of press releases on the promotion of the website, and the good relationship with the news media often play an unexpected effect on the website promotion.

22. Website Alliance

Website Alliance: Through the website Alliance, the large area launches informs the sex advertisement, let the Netizen click, according to the effective clicks the amount of charge. This approach, though simple, is an industry-recognized, effective way to promote it. Now basically CPM (by effective display billing), CPC (by effective click Billing), CPA (by effective registered member billing)

23. Web virus

In a large number of small and medium web sites, personal sites to put a hidden automatic download of the virus, modify the Internet user's IE registry, let netizens open IE browser, directly into a Web site. Although this way the experience of the website has proved to be very effective, but to aspire to go to the normal route of the site, it is recommended not to use.

24. Client Bundle

In some of today's widely used client software (such as QQ,MSN,FOXMAIL,BT software) embedded in a site or a link to the site icon, so that a lot of users can very quickly know the site. But the cost can be quite high, unless you can find a way to make a profit on the other side. .


ADSL, telecom operators gateway forcibly embedded: Users as long as the internet operation, will be to the telecom operators to verify the gateway, such as green letter, can be forced (pop-up window or open a special page) to let netizens see the site the first time. Since there is no formal commercial, the price is unknown.

26. Internet Café Desktop

Now there are more enterprises to their own internet cafes dedicated software (with billing, advertising, management, content) into the Internet cafes, we can and these enterprises to cooperate with the address of our site and content to push the Internet Café Desktop, Internet users a computer using Internet cafes, The first time you can see this site. The current market price estimates at each computer terminal 2-10/day/Zhouyuan range. If a large number of Internet cafes, the cost is quite high, and monitoring more difficult.

27. Word of mouth

Pull charge: We look for a series of people, Word of mouth, give each person a dedicated address, according to the number of members he can pull to pay. This method is the Internet money-making method that we often see, is a more successful way of collecting members abroad. But this approach is not always in the mainstream. A gambling-related website in foreign countries has created a record of 500,000 registered members in a week. A bit like MLM mode.

28. Forced registration

Forcibly to all the Internet users we know to send the e-mail address you have registered on a certain website ads, with a unified password landing. This method is bad, but if the mail content is packaged, it turns out that at least 1% of netizens are curious to log in.

29.QQ Mini Portal Promotion

When you join the Mini portal, try to introduce your site to write a wonderful point, so that others in the Tencent network to see your website introduction, will be your mini page to join his QQ, so you have a fixed visitor. The Mini portal joins the method please refer to the Tencent website related introduction.

30. Create Web Maillist

By creating your own site's maillist, you can allow users to actively participate in discussions, reflect problems, and increase interactivity, which is appealing to users. Maillist not only allows you to stabilize the number of home visits, but also to increase the visibility of the site. Founder Maillist In fact also very simple, foreign egroups and domestic Qualcomm provide a very good service, subscribers can be free to subscribe to the Web or e-mail, unsubscribe and read maillist content.

31. Registered two Chinese domain names

Recently, a whim, registered two Chinese. com domain name, was originally registered to play, the results found, or a little bit of value. 2 words, the search amount in Baidu is 500-2000. There are about 20 people entering Chinese. com domain names directly through the browser every day. Even if not installed plug-ins can be accessed, because the first will enter the placement prompts page, press No to the site, press is installed after the site. For commercial value of the word registered no loss, 1201 years, bringing 7000 people/years of traffic, the equivalent of 2 cents a click, the key is also to protect a domain name, said not necessarily the day to promote it.

32. Website optimization

Website optimization, optimization code, title, keywords, etc., so that the page in the search engine platoon in front, the effect is very good, but do not cheat oh.

33. Content cooperation

Content has a complementary two sites, can be content to cooperate with each other to increase traffic.

34. Viral marketing Methods

Viral marketing is not the transmission of viruses, but the use of active communication between users, so that information like a virus spread, so as to achieve the purpose of promotion, viral marketing method is in essence to provide users with valuable free service at the same time, attach certain promotional information, commonly used tools include free e-books, free software, Free Flash works, free greeting cards, free mailboxes, free instant chat tools, etc. can provide users with access to information, use of network services, entertainment and other convenient tools and content. If applied properly, this viral marketing approach can often achieve very significant results at very low cost.

35. Development of free service projects

To say "Please visit our website and understand our company" is one thing, and say "Welcome to free use of this net exclusive kitchen decoration Calculator" is completely another matter.

36. Electronic Magazine

Start an electronic magazine. E-magazine (weekly, monthly or quarterly) can help your website to expand the impact, improve integrity, in order to greater development. You can send it as an e-mail message or have your visitors subscribe directly to your mailing list server.

37. Bookmark

Ask your visitors to bookmark your site. It looks very simple, but you still have to ask the visitor to bookmark it for the next visit.

38. Information Release

Information dissemination is not only the basic function of network marketing, but also a practical means of operation, through the Internet, not only can browse to a large number of business information, at the same time can publish their own information. Published online information can be said to be the easiest way to network marketing, there are many Web sites to provide enterprise supply and demand information release, and most of the information for free release, sometimes this simple way will also achieve unexpected results. However, the most important thing is to publish valuable information on their website in time to give full play to the functions of the site, such as new product information, promotional information and so on. Research shows that most consumers visit the manufacturer's website to find company contact information or product basic information, the more effective information provided by the site, the more users satisfaction. If a site's update cycle is quarterly, or even the whole year is an old face, naturally will not be welcomed by users, it is difficult to achieve good network marketing results.

39. Question-and-answer advertising

The question-and-answer advertisement is a kind of network advertisement using a question-and-answer method. When the advertisement is received, The Advertiser must correctly answer the questions raised by the advertisement, so that the advertisement can receive the income. Registered pass members can obtain income by answering question-and-answer advertisements. In addition, the pass member can also obtain income by recommending others to be a pass member (or a famous member). Real win

40. Occasion

ebay, Taobao, a beat this platform in the initial development of the site can be used, its popularity should not be underestimated, customers can smoothly transfer to their own website. The Mall of the portal can not consider, one of its charges too high, the second is that its flow is large but effective customer is not much, in a word: Price is too bad.

41. Website Speed

This is not the scope of the homepage to promote the category for the time being not to discuss, but the speed of the site will affect the amount of browsing this is true, even in some respects, it can be said that the site's traffic depends on the speed of the site, of course, this is relatively, imagine, A few minutes to open a page of the site how many viewers would like to stay a second? Even when the page is not fully open, you will lose patience, which means that you have lost an already very difficult to get the amount of browsing. Therefore, it is important to note that in the choice of free space, we must choose the fastest, of course, the speed of each place is not the same, you can investigate the comprehensive consideration of these factors.

42. Favorites

There is no doubt that the size of the Web site traffic depends largely on the visitor's favorites, and how to get your Web page to the viewer's favorites is a problem that you should spend your time researching. The most common is to make your site better and more attractive, but also with some Java use pop-up windows to remind viewers to add favorites, this method is also very effective.

43. Stick to it, say it

Baidu Post Bar and Sohu said it can be said to bring the flow and net pick almost, if the use of good, may be more than the net pick, because, this promotion way of durability is better. As long as it is not removed, you will be able to do so as long as the appropriate top. You can not leave the site of your station directly on the top, that will definitely be deleted, must send a related article address, or send some articles or pictures, and then get a "more", the address to your station. As I tested today, www.72a.net.cn has a version of the software download, I added the first "mobile phone software" (now very popular), and then to the version of the software to post. For example: * * * mobile phone software Introduction, see the address in the introduction also casually mention. (Do not use a single www.72a.net.cn). Today, I only used less than 10 addresses to bring me 500IP. Let's make good use of it and say it. In addition to the special said Baidu know it, you can change the user name to ask questions and answers, and choose their own answers, hehe. I often go to know the movie area where you can watch free movies Ah, and so on, their own answer, choose for the best, hehe.

44. Publishing articles in various media

Obviously, this is not any webmaster can do things, but you may not have a try? Actively to some it newspapers and magazines to cast some manuscript, your article does not have to write very professional, very literary, as long as fluent and can say one thing is good. At the end of the article to mention their own website, or their own site as a case in the lines of the article, so not only you can receive royalties, and your site will be more people know. Ashes of the comprehensive game website, fun Net (the original "Heroes game time and Space") is a loyal supporter of this kind of promotion, members of the site almost everyone will write articles, and with a variety of traditional print media good relations. So that in the writing of the royalties at the same time, but also for the promotion of Web sites.

45. Celebrity Blogs

Make full use of celebrity blog propaganda, now many celebrity blog visits have exceeded tens of millions, if everyone can grab the sofa, the flow is also very considerable.

46. Strive to improve the page PR

When the site's PR is very high, in the search engine ranking natural to rely on a lot. You can try a connection that is higher than your own website Pr.

47. High Quality website content

High-quality web site content can bring objective visits to the site, this has not been a secret, high-quality site content plus a reasonable search engine optimization is the basis for successful website promotion.

48. Peer site can be promoted with peer cooperation

Peer site can cooperate with peer promotion, flow, content and other cooperation, similar to the Advertising Alliance, the effect is very good

49. Picture, Signature

"A small cartoon character holding a sign that says your IP address, operating system and browser name by http://www.gooopu.cn", you should have seen the promotion.

50. Activities

can cooperate with the merchant, carries on some related activity, launches the Netizen to participate, but must have the very good reward oh, if the reward is high, many people will help you advertise, may let your website in a period of time to get the leap.

These are some methods I have sorted out. Web site to promote the hundreds of methods, however, it is not what methods are used to promote a good website, to the site to promote quickly, just according to their own resources, select the most effective several, and then focus on these kinds of implementation to the extreme, so that you satisfied with the effect will soon appear. The best way to promote the site is Word-of-mouth, how can you see your site's netizens to help you promote it? The most basic is to do it yourself, four words: Content for the king.

BBS publicity, although spending energy, but the effect is very good. Network Marketing, the details of winning, website promotion, comprehensive attack. Oh!! BBS publicity to choose their own potential customers in the BBS, or the popularity of a better BBS. BBS propaganda pay attention to a few strategies

1. Don't send ads directly. Such posts can easily be deleted as ad stickers.

2. With a good head, sign. Avatar can be designed specifically to promote their own brand, signature can be added to their own website introduction and connection.

3. Post requirements Quality first posts do not care about the number of posts, how much hair, and the quality of the posts is particularly important, for what because of the more, but the overall flow is not much, we post, the key is to allow more large people to see, disguised propaganda their own website. So the pursuit of the final flow. So send high-quality posts, focus on a little, can spend less energy, get better results.

4. A proper one. In the forum, sometimes for the post atmosphere, popularity. You can also be appropriate to find a support, you can register their own two account to play a. Oh!

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