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Introduction: Alternative electric power provider what is worth buying is not rational parity, but perceptual involvement. Is the future of the Electric Chamber of Commerce based on pragmatism plus right brain?

Almost a whole winter, Ching wearing the same dark red jacket, which was 5 years ago in Qingdao foreign trade market, is a brand of ski wear. He said he knew it was good when he saw it, and there was a "advanced Rescue technology" logo on the clothes, which enabled rescuers to detect the location of the clothes. He turned over his clothes and said, "There's even a special iPod pocket, so meticulous." Then he added, "It's only 150 dollars."

Ching hates poor quality things, "We don't have time to waste on fixing things," he says, but he doesn't like expensive or even extravagant things, not just because he has a poor student who has been saving money to buy things, and in his philosophy, good things should be made available to ordinary people.

Ching is the founder of the "What's worth buying" website. He has been in business for 4 years. When you ask him what his ideal is, he's not the kind of entrepreneur who can talk about "I want to make the world a better place," he would think for a few seconds, laughing and saying, "I want to improve the quality of our lives." "Just as he looked at the quality of his life was improved by the electric quotient."

His way is "What's worth buying", it's a less-than-well-defined product: It's definitely not a traditional dealer's web site, because it doesn't sell directly, it's not an ordinary shopping guide, a parity site, because that's not the dimension of the decision it provides; it's not a typical community, Because there is no way for users to communicate except in comments.

It's a very simple form, even a bit primitive--editors publish articles about goods, comments from users--this is reminiscent of a forum where the internet is still very young. "What is worth buying" is stylist under the plain coat, just like Ching's red coat.

"What is worth buying" although the article is published in the name of the editor, the source is mostly user contributors, many of them are thousands of words of the long text, is about a certain type of merchandise professional information. Such submissions have hundreds of articles a day and are only a small part of what is being released. Its conversion rate is very high, often appear an article to recommend a product after the goods quickly be robbed of the situation. Those who bought or did not buy will return to the site and write their own experiences or questions in the humble Article comments section, often with hundreds of dozens of of comments.

There are now millions of people who are "worth buying" when they want to buy something, which has caused concern in the industry. Almost all of the leading electronic business sites are actively seeking cooperation, and manufacturers are very active. What's worth buying? At the end of June, the "million People's Congress trial" activity, 150 of companies took the initiative to give their own new products to "what is worth buying", these manufacturers have Zhousengshen, Sony, Electrolux, BenQ, dove such a big brand, there are such as KEF audio, such as the extremely feverish small high-end brand, These brands are only half of all applicants who are screened out.

"What's worth Buying?" The alternative company in China's electric-business ecosystem is becoming a force to pay attention to.

From a person to a group of people, to decisions that affect more people

The birth of what is worth buying is a typical geek story.

"The work", Ching to Liu sent a message, this is just the early morning, two people rather leave the game, open Wordpress began writing, has been written to two o ' clock, which is what is worth buying the content of the Web site the next day.

This is 2010, now what's worth buying founder and CEO Ching was a regular employee at the time, working nights with partner Liu to run the site. Liu is now what is worth buying COO, these two people met many years ago in a forum called "hi pda" to discuss digital products.

Just did not think, this purely interest website will be looked at, and someone seriously start to leave a message, even unsolicited submission. Ching memories, although the site did not do what to promote, but more and more users, and even someone to set it as a browser home page, every day to brush. So 2012 he resigned, this time what is worth buying from a website into a real company.

The geeks ' stories tend to start out like this, delving into interest and persistence, and some years later becomes a great thing. For a product with a community attribute, this starting point also brings a group of people of the same type, which lays the foundation and the tune of the whole community. "I think it is a geek, so we start to do content in this respect, so the initial users are geeks, each other very much in the same." Ching explains. This is what is worth buying with all other shopping guide website biggest difference, its starting point is not to want simple flow back volume business, and like a good media has a solid editorial spirit.

Its editorial spirit, in addition to Ching the pragmatic consumption concept advocated by individuals, includes the neutrality he insists on. Obviously, what is worth buying is the kind of product that is close to money. Its business model is straightforward: users look at the content, click on the link to jump to the electric platform and to buy, what is worth buying from the process to gain revenue. Simplicity often means effective, but also more fragile.

What is worth buying is the basis of the user's trust in it, the user believes that the site is neutral, believe that it for shopping decision suggestions, so will click on the link and transactions. Today on the Internet, do not say to users to recommend products, even if only to write a review of a film Weibo will be considered "entrusted", such as what is worth buying this or in the name of the editor of the practice of recommending goods is particularly difficult.

Ching believes that if you recommend a truly good product and maintain a neutral stance, you can win trust and gain "long-term development." So in the early encounter domestic electric company active contact, Ching choose deliberately keep distance, do not accept payment information release. He even deliberately did not participate in industry meetings, do not accept media reports, in the small and weak efforts to maintain a low profile to win the possibility of neutrality. When the company's influence is greater, the bottom line is clear when choosing cooperation.

Jingdong has given what is worth to buy on the home page Banner recommend, now what is worth buying also has with EBay to cooperate the sea Amoy Raiders to solicit, what is worth buying to these cooperation clearly drew a line Based on the information flow to do the cooperation ", what is worth buying is connected to the Electronic business site and users of a platform, and does not involve any pecuniary interest from these sites."

Such a person attracted a group of people to join, it produced a special force field to allow more people to be involved.

Mud is what is worth buying 4 years old users, he published 8 articles in the Sun, for example, the use of Pebble Smart watch, he explained his share of the momentum: "A good thing to improve the quality of life, I know that this thing is good I must share it to others to use, it is very natural things." And I share what's worth buying because someone here can understand and talk to me. "The idea of what is worth buying is a user-mania, now more than 100 a day," he said.

Alternative Electric dealers: let users say

In the electrical business industry, the connection between people and goods has not been a satisfactory way.

Taobao is the way sales and prices, of course, there are businesses to pay the promotional costs of the platform. Here, basically is the merchant in the speech, the consumer's voice hides in after the point opens "the commodity appraisal", often these appraisal words what also cannot explain.

Amazon's approach is "recommendations related to the items you've browsed", based on data analysis recommended products: You bought a mop two weeks ago and Amazon will recommend the same mop for the next few months.

In the entire electrical business world, it is difficult to hear the user's voice. Whether it's an existing electric-business web site or a social networking product like Weibo or micro-credit, there's a lot of user voices, but they're submerged in a vast business yell. What is worth buying provides a new perspective, the first time that the user's voice is heard, is clearly, systematically, systematically heard.

In what is worth buying, users are encouraged to express opinions and to be extremely focused, creating a new way of connecting people and goods. Its new product "public measurement" is this point most vividly embodiment.

The merchant takes out its newest product, what is worth to buy assigns it to the user who is interested in the product and has enough expertise, the user gets the superior test report based on the real experience and reports on what is worth buying and is seen and discussed by users who are more interested in the product. The whole process is dominated by consumers as customers, not merchants, or middlemen in the middle, so more authentic and trusting. Anything that reduces the intermediate links will bring great value.

The new way of looking at it is not only that, but what is worth buying is just the beginning, and the next step is clear-let each product fall under each category. Now come to what is worth buying want to find something can only use the most traditional keyword search method, for example, I find a mop on the above information, get a mop this keyword all articles, and by category distribution can be the community within the voice of the user in a more efficient way to present, the connection between people and goods become more effective.

When the internet is becoming more "right brain"

The internet has always been a synonym for rationality and efficiency, and in the past few decades it has transformed the world with numbers and algorithms, from websites to search for electricity. In the past, the left brain represents the rational thinking leading the development of the Internet, even in the shopping business, the thing that the electric trader has been good at is efficiency, low price and label based recommendation, while the right brain represents the decision based on emotion, approval and even value, which has not been fully tapped by the electric dealer for a long time.

The relationship between people and goods can actually be very "right brain".

From the most typical "fruit powder" phenomenon to a certain type of toothpaste preference, people can easily connect their feelings and commodities. In a way, everyone is a fetish. From this perspective, the whole of what is worth buying in essence is countless people in words and pictures to confide their feelings of a brand, just choose a very rational way to talk.

"In the end, we want to build people's trust in brands and quality products." "Ching The example of hiking shoes, although in what is worth buying the article will mention the fabric, the use of glue, with what the end of the sound of a bit boring analysis of death, but this is only to trust it and convince others also rely on its means. So in what is worth buying, you will find that it often recommends the same brand of different products, even almost all products.

The comparison website ignores is, the person buys the goods not like the machine to pick out the lowest price of that, and has more emotional input, what is worth buying will enlarge it further.

The most frequently used word in the website may be "chop hands", and no matter what the user or what is worth to buy their own employees, can not stop to buy things hand. The reasons for not being able to "chop hands" are both "too fond" and "too cost-effective", but certainly not "too much". The presence of the mobile phone makes the commotion trigger anytime, anywhere, buying something that means the right brain is hot, the finger points, and the left brain has no chance to interrupt.

People like this, what is worth buying half of the traffic from the phone end. The internet is also on the way to open the App Store at random, and the most popular apps are no longer cold tools, but photos, sharing, socializing, even when cold tools have never been added to these properties.

What is worth buying happens in the internet to the right brain of this time, the choice of goods that no one can avoid the field, its future can be very ambitious.

For the past 4 years it has been cautious, and then it will be involved in more and more people and more and more goods. Ching said he was cautious and feared he could not digest so many new people. What's worth buying? The current success is due to a group of people and their love and attitude towards goods, if it is washed away, the right brain can not be stimulated.

It's always like this, this alternative story that starts with a man and his love, and if it ends, it will be because of this person. But at least until now, the story continues.

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