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Simple game mode The latest round of the game has a comeback, "breakthrough action (Breach and clear)" is one of the sections. The game uses the overlooking angle of view, the player needs to control each member's action and the tactic, to likes the strategy game player must be very close to the appetite. Simple gameplay "breakthrough action" has a fascinating storyline, each of the goals of the game is simple, shooting terrorists. Players need to lead four players together. The buildings that need to be swept have multiple entrances, and players are free to decorate their own players. The key to winning the breach and clear game is the timing and location of your mobile units. In order to make the player's operation less cumbersome, your unit will fire automatically when the enemy enters the range, the most needed attention is not to let the player into a place without concealment, as well as enemies from the flank. Breakthrough action (breach and clear) want to win, rely on a strong fire cover is not good, must make the right decision. After each turn, the player is left with a few seconds to look at the current situation and develop a subsequent strategy. If you need to know more information, you can also watch the last round of a return visit. The break action (breach and clear) game contains several areas, each with multiple checkpoints. Each new area will be more difficult than the previous one, but the player can choose a different degree of difficulty. Players who want to quickly pass the game can choose to be less difficult and will soon be able to see all the games. Second, those heavy players can challenge their skills with difficult tasks. Break-through (breach and clear) out of the tactical strategy, players can also change their team. Players can use the gold coins earned in the game to buy new weapons, equipment, etc., for each team member to equip each player with their own weapons, and according to the specific circumstances of each to choose the most suitable weapon. Shotguns, for example, are best suited in small street battles, and should be replaced with rifles in a narrow corridor. Breakthrough action (breach and clear) the IAP of the game is more humane, players do not have to worry about excessive IAP burden will affect the balance of the game, there is only one currency in the game, so IAP is basically for those impatient to want fast clearance of the players prepared. And ordinary players in the normal game can earn enough gold.
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