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Wen/Yangcheng Evening News reporter Liang correspondent Cheng Guangwei

Figure/Yangcheng Evening News reporter Huang June intern Wu Zihong

Every October 26, it is a "sanitation worker's Day" in many cities including Guangzhou. In Guangzhou, 100 sanitation workers are selected annually to award the title of "Excellent city beautician". To pay tribute, the Guangzhou municipal government leaders will invite 100 "graceful Division" meeting.

October 26, 1959, President Liu Shaoqi met Amoy Shishun workers, its "would rather a person dirty, in exchange for million home Kang" Spirit, since this became the motto of the sanitation workers. Because of this day, many cities in our country will be October 26 as a sanitation workers ' day.

In 2014, Guangzhou selected "Graceful Division", the oldest, the oldest seniority is also the Amoy dung workers, he called Li Yuqiang, engaged in sanitation work for 33 years. Li Yuqiang will meet with the leaders of the Guangzhou municipal government together with other "graceful teachers", he has been thinking about what he said to the city leaders, "I hope the leaders care more about the sanitation workers, especially to give us more benefits".

Witness change now almost without human contact

On the western side of the Liwan District, there is a "Guangzhou harmless treatment center" brand unit. Li Yuqiang's place of work is in there.

"You just met our busiest day of the week. "The 59-year-old Li Yuqiang to reporters about their work, because of the fear of reporters are not accustomed to close contact with feces, Li Yuqiang specially to greet reporters wear sanitation work clothes, into the work site."

"Guangzhou Harmless Treatment Center" is the treatment of various types of septic tank sewage facilities. Every day, 1000 tons of dirt from the city are processed to meet the standards for entering the sewage treatment plant. Reporter saw in the scene, a Taiwan suction feces truck into the plant, the feces into the Li Yuqiang operation of the unit. The machine automatically separates the toilet paper, the living rubbish and other non "excrement" objects in the dirt, and the dirt from the first decontamination process is separated from the sludge. Through the above process, septic tank sewage basically into sewage, to reach the standard of sewage treatment plant. The separated living rubbish is sent to Hing Fung landfill for sanitary landfill.

"The biggest change is that there is little manual contact now." Li Yuqiang said, "I just entered the line, without these machines, to manually pick out the debris in the feces, pick out the things with a cart car classified transport stacking." "Around 2008, the centre introduced the current system, and workers basically said goodbye to the history of manual contact with feces." However, Li Yuqiang still have to contact with feces, "a week to clean up a sedimentation tank, at the beginning or someone to go in person to clean up with a shovel, now we buy a hook machine, we really do not have to contact the feces."

Unforgettable experience in Baiyun Mountain artificial feces transport feces

1981, Li Yuqiang from Wuhua to Guangzhou when sanitation workers. At first, he was in East Butte sanitation, responsible for cleaning the Zhongshan road. In 1986, he was transferred to the Guangzhou harmless treatment Plant (formerly the precursor of the Innocuous Processing center), which was being prepared for the hunt for dung.

Li Yuqiang says that while technology is higher than before, it is still hard to avoid a foul smell in a stool-handling facility. He has got used to taking off his work clothes, bathing and changing clothes before going home. Once, he went to the city to carry out the clean-up of septic tank, because there is no bathing conditions outside, he was forced to wear a taste of clothes to take the bus, the result attracted the whole car people strange eyes.

"The septic tank on Baiyun Mountain is the hardest to get." Li Yuqiang said that the 2003 center contracted the Baiyun Mountain Scenic area of septic tank clean-up work, Li Yuqiang was assigned to deal with Shingchun septic tank. Driving a dung truck to reach Shingchun doorway, Li Yuqiang and colleagues dumbfounded: Shingchun built in the mountainside, dung cart can not drive into, can only park in the Peak Park, the feces into the Shingchun. and the Shingchun septic tank is located at the bottom of the park, due to the gap is too large, septic vehicles not enough suction feces. "The machine is no good. "Li Yuqiang and colleagues hand bucket, the feces out after a bucket of barrels to the peak park transport, from day to night, before the Shingchun of the septic tank scouring clean."

Message to young people: do a line of love

In this year's "Graceful division", the youngest winner is only 25 years old, and has been honored for two years. Li Yuqiang The honor of retiring, he has something to say: "The young people in our line, to do a line of love." Since choose to do this line, it is doomed to deal with dirty smelly. All are for the city service, should be able to see oneself. "Edit: Internship Editor

Love Tips

Don't go down the toilet.

Sundries will damage the processing machine and even injure the sanitation workers

Yangcheng Evening News reporter Liang Report: Do you have your own toilet as a trash can, what all go inside pour? At the dawn of the sanitation Workers ' Day, the Guangzhou Center to the community: care for the sanitation workers, do not go to the toilet.

Guangzhou Harmless Treatment Center is the only place in Guangzhou which has the quality of harmless treatment of septic tank. Every day, here to deal with the city of Guangzhou to deal with the fecal sewage-oriented septic tank 1000 tons. And in 1000 tons of dirt, there is always some not excrement.

"See, there's everything in it." "A special issue of safety knowledge education" is attached to the wall at the entrance of the harmless treatment center. It shows the harmless center every Wednesday to clean up the sedimentation tank found in the non-fecal objects, "there are clothes, socks, towels, these are still good," the relevant officials said, they also found razors, glass broken, syringes and other dangerous items. Although the treatment of faecal craft at present has made it essential for workers to have no contact with feces, the workers will still have to clean up the machines if the debris is too heavy to cause the damage. Dangerous goods that may injure the sanitation workers.

"The most outrageous thing is that we have been treated as a random sewage disposal site." "The relevant person in charge said that the Guangzhou harmless treatment center is a public welfare unit of Financial appropriation, for the feces of the qualified units, the center can be free to deal with, some people have not feces of the half liquid dirt into the center," such as hogwash water, oil, these things into our equipment, will be bad machine. " "Some of the toxic items have been sent in, and even killed," he said. There have been outlaws to allow professional decontamination company transport toxic milk to the center as feces treatment, resulting in the truck driver poisoning during transport, in the center when the operation of the dead.

The official said that the center had launched a set of German equipment, its technology than the current use of the machine advanced, but this set of equipment because of Guangzhou feces and debris too much damage, eventually eliminated, "German technicians want to understand why the equipment exported to Guangzhou is always bad, see our feces, dumbfounded, ' you Chinese, Why are you throwing everything in the bathroom? ’”

? Editor: Internship Editor

(Original title: "Sanitation Workers ' Day": Amoy dung workers are all for the city services do not go to the toilet to pour)

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