Schwarzenegger advocates ban on adult games against entertainment industry

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Play video More (compile/applies will) California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's "Adult Violence Game" ban law has recently been strongly opposed by the U.S. film industry and the animation industry. The American Film Association said in an official statement that from the experience of film grading, the existing grading system is perfect, industry self-discipline is sufficient, there is no need to introduce government regulation.  Parents are able to make a clear judgment about what content suits their children. Charles Brownstein, executive director of the American Animation Law Foundation, said in a statement: "This bill almost completely destroys the regulatory standards that the government has set up since the 50 and is likely to spill over into the animation industry." Now the defenders jumped out and said that violent games are not good for teenagers ' physical and mental health, which is a pseudoscience theory. "The California Adult Violence Game" ban was passed in 2005 by the California Legislature, which prohibits the sale or rental of adult violence to minors, who will be punished by law.  But the American Entertainment Software Association appealed to the Nineth Circuit Court and ruled in 2009 that the bill would be reversed against the spirit of the United States Constitution. Driven by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Attorney General Jerry Brown, the bill has now been tabled in the U.S. Supreme Court to determine whether video games are applicable to the law of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  The First amendment of the United States Constitution prohibits the deprivation of freedom of speech or publication of citizens, but there is controversy over whether video games belong to publications.  Supporters of the bill believe that video games have unique interactive content, unlike traditional publications, if minors are exposed to and play for a long time, they will reproduce the school shootings, and there is evidence that the perpetrators of the same school's murder had been profoundly affected by the violent games of "counter-Strike" and "Grand Theft driver". But opponents argue that the imposition of legal controls would run counter to the constitutional spirit of the United States and trigger other entertainment industry regulators to follow suit. After the government intervenes, it is not conducive to the creation of content and maintain independence.  The existing ESRB of grading appraisal only belong to the choice of private organizations, although it does not have the legal effect, but the protection of minors through the industry self-discipline and parental supervision of two means of effective implementation, no additional "Introduction law". In a newly released poll, 72% of respondents expressed their understanding and support for the bill. The U.S. Supreme Court will make its final decision in November this year. (Edit/Ming)
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