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There are such a group of people on the Internet, they are in the site optimization of the industry, in addition to the hard work also every day to face these boring meaningless and tedious job, but also keep the site with the Times in search engine algorithm front-end, otherwise face will be down right even by k punishment. In fact, at this time, we all think about, now we really can only rely on the search engine to bring users? Really to the point of being unable to extricate oneself?

Have to say is that optimization for a website to promote, is undoubtedly a very effective means one, can be very good for our site to bring good traffic, and thus converted into benefits. But for a development on the line of the promoter, the most taboo thing is to put all the eggs in a frame inside, especially for an optimization workers, search engine algorithm is changeable, we simply do not have the means to do very appropriate. So at this time, we have to be more prepared to expand our promotional channels, which is certainly not a long-term strategy.

Search engine algorithm is changeable, is there no invariable? How can we parry?

Actually speaking of this, small make up want to say unchanged is our website target user, because our user needs are endless, and our website in the process of operation can only analyze its users, so as to achieve a site as much as possible to meet the needs of users, then our website development will not be subject to any restrictions. So this time we parry method is actually very simple, that is, we really let the site to users as the center, as far as possible to improve their own website, so as to better do user experience work, so that users really to our site satisfaction, trust.

For the target users of our website, from the point of view of the promotion of the website, small knitting feel at least to do the following points.

(i) Continuously increase the content and product that can satisfy the user's demand.

For a website to build a station at all, the content is undoubtedly the most basic is the most critical. and our Site content page is for these target users to provide services, and in the eyes of most adsense or the optimization to see more important than the user experience, so blindly to please search engine, and ignore the user's feelings, although a short period of time indeed can be for our site to bring certain traffic, But are these visitors really our customers and can we benefit? This is worth thinking about. And for this kind of optimization for the purpose of earning the search engine traffic station, in this year, Baidu Webmaster platform is also clear that this kind of site will be hit, take my name station to say the initial weight is good, in order to earn traffic, a lot of the release of many and their own website theme irrelevant content, although short-term access to good traffic, But eventually the search engine is punished. So rather than deliberately optimize, as a real good site content and product updates, so that users really understand the content and products they want, only in this way we can truly create a loyal user group.

(b) Multi-level like users to promote our site.

Publicity of our website, is undoubtedly to let users know that there is such a site, that is, we talk about the day-to-day advertising. Of course, for an optimization worker, such an advertisement is also called an outer chain, although the chain for optimization is really a very important means, but Baidu Webmaster platform is also clear that the link to the site does not have the slightest help, so this time we still need more than a multi-pronged, in the promotion of our site at the same time, To understand our site's target users gathered where, so as to publish the chain optimization and real for us to bring users, only such a promotion is really valuable to the site to help.

(c) A lot of users to learn the views, so as to better improve our website.

In a lot of times, we do a certain industry site, in fact, this industry is not really understanding, so we only in the promotion at the same time, like users or opponents, to learn more about the industry knowledge, only in this way can let their own site and users closer, so that user satisfaction, And here we'd better be able to make their own site with the user has a communication plate, so that better let users feedback information, so as to improve our site.

Summary: In this information high-speed developed Internet industry, a lot of times are we can not predict, so for every successful webmaster, the vision must be long-term, whether for the optimization of work or promotion, we must always pay attention to the changes in the industry, to do a sharp prophet, Only in this way can let our website in the industry in an invincible position, and this time to promote the work is also the need for us to keep pace with the times, and constantly to learn. Here today, this article by crazy guess the Answer Group Small series original handwriting, reprint please specify the source, thank you here!

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