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Day and night, whether you're awake or asleep, Google's Android bots sneak up on the Internet, collect information in all the 1 billion-meter pages and will send millions of servers to the stores around the world.

These small pieces of code hold your network state in their metaphorical little hands. They find that gathering information about your topic, determines your authority, gives each page its own model, and will ultimately decide that you fall in the rankings.

Find out what you're offering to your site, someone type a few words in the search box, those unknown robots have decided your fate. Will you be on the first page, clicking on an opportunity, or on page 2nd or beyond, where more than 90% searchers will never look?

As long as you can talk to robots and explain your site, they may bring more searchers.

Well, you can. They understand simple instructions called META tags, and you hide in the area of your site called head.

This area between your site to

< head > and </head >

Code to start your site. It's where something appears to be saved on your Web page. If you have a.jpg banner, it's there. The page title is right there. Your style sheet-the color of the rules and the entire page of the font-is probably there.

The header area also includes basic tags, communication bots. Here are four of the most important and intent to reach your site.

1. Champion

The title tag is not a true "meta" label because it does not have the word "meta". But it says robot, it's vital to get your site ranked. You put text in HTML code

< name > and </title

It seems that the search engine is the title of your site. It also appears at the top of the menu bar strip, your browser.

You may not need a human reader for your title tag. Maybe you include the name of the site in your head, Whizbang.jpg specialized. Robots can't see pictures. They can only read text. If there is no title tag, they do not know the name of your site.

2. Description

Description tags are search engines to show when they suggest your site to a seeker. You want to be short, direct, accurate and appealing.

If you are running a html-based site, you need to have a different description of each page. If you are running a PHP site, such as a WordPress blog, each blog is counted as a page, a SEO in plug-ins such as free and widely referenced by the integration will make it easy to set, to fully utilize your SEO strategy.

3. Keywords

Meta tag keyword There is so much abuse that the robot doesn't seem to believe it. Google does not even list its website's information page meta tags.

The occurrence of people will put some hot search words (think "Britney Spears keyword Tags"), although terminology is with the scene. They just want to rank well--let this--this is not their site. Since the goal is to provide relevant search results, keyword tags become unusable.

But the label here cannot be avoided anyway, and it is not possible to do so with any benefit to use it, although it does not make any harm. Knowing your site's host keywords is very necessary for your own network planning, write them in the title can be used for you even if the robot ignores it.

And you never know when the robot will change their minds.

4. In particular, the robot

The label gives the robot special information on how to handle this page.

Putian SEO tells the robot not to be included in this page index. You may want to use this if you have the same text appearing in different places on your site for some reason, let the robot accuse you of filling your site content.

Putian Seo told the robot does not listen to your link. You may want to do something to avoid leaking models, but this is a very complex issue, then a lot of SEO strategies, a valuable theme for other articles.

Putian Seo told the search engine does not give viewers to see the choice of a cached version of your page.

Can you talk to a robot

Beginners in network management will be wise, with titles, descriptions and keyword sites, with tags in your chosen keywords making early progress on the first page of the search engine.

If you tell the robot in words they understand that they can help you get your site looking in front of them.

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