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In web programming, most of the original web site is developed by ASP, after the transition to ASPX, PHP, a small number of JSP, now the most mainstream is PHP, and PHP development of the Web site program to open source content management system is most common, the mainstream has 3 major CMS, Dream CMS, Imperial CMS and PHPCMS, after statistics found that the vast majority of the site is made of phpcms. This article is through an example to talk about the use of PHPCMS development of the Web site, how to let traffic fly up.

First give an effect figure 1, is developed by Phpcms V9, the current 20074.html "> Baidu weight 4, the development of normal, later on the analysis of some of the skills, hope to phpcms v9 Development webmaster Friends a reference.


Effect Figure 1

First, the use of PHPCMS development to meet the structure of simple and convenient spider crawling

How to use Phpcms V9 to become an excellent website? That needs to be clear structure, concise and not simple, the site structure is very conducive to spider crawling, original content, to meet these conditions, I believe that your site is a good beginning. The PHPCMS is a structure that can satisfy this crumb, as shown in Figure 2.


Crumb Structure Figure 2

How to: Use the Super Administrator login site backstage, click on the top menu "extended"--> and then click the left menu "URL rule Management"--> through the Edit channel URL rules and article URL rules to achieve as shown in Figure 3.


URL Customization Rule Figure 3

Ii. optimizing the processing of URLs

Using PHPCMS development of the Web site, as far as possible to create static URLs, because Phpcms V9 is a pattern of MVC three-tier architecture (corresponding to the m=,c=,a= of parameters such as: Index.php?m=admin&c=index), If the use of dynamic address full station looks very uncomfortable, but also not conducive to SEO, although now the search engine processing dynamic URL's ability to enhance, but still to static processing. How to: In turn into the background "content"--> "management column"--> "add Column"--> pop-up dialog box select "Generate HTML Settings"--> "column generated HTML" election is, "content generation HTML" election is, This creates static in accordance with the rules in the URL rule management. As shown in Figure 4.


Column and content generation static Figure 4

Some of the site used Phpcms v9 to optimize the processing of the URL of a more detailed, that is, the URL according to the key words corresponding to the phonetic processing, this aspect of the ability of friends can own research, can be through plug-ins or the way to the Phpcms V9 two times development. The effect is shown in Figure 5:


Keyword URL Figure 5

Well, the above is to Phpcms V9 do station, how to optimize the point of reference suggestions, hope to use the Phpcms V9 Station webmaster friends have reference. This article by the beautiful Picture original, reprint please reserve.

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