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SEO optimization methods are too common and too common, so that the current SEO is too traditional, and the traditional way of SEO optimization method to do the effect is very slow, so that people put into work a lot of time, and the effect is very slow, so when the seoer encounter such a thing, Often some will lose confidence in ranking, so the SEO method needs to innovate, with a new SEO optimization method to replace the old optimization method, so that everyone's effect can be on the faster, and also can give us a lot of work to reduce, may be said here, some friends have doubts? Now that we want to reform and innovate SEO technology, then how to reform it? In fact, to tell the truth SEO technology reform the most fundamental work is not carried out redeformation, and redeformation is how we work to reduce the workload, and can quickly achieve results, this is what we really change the place, Of course, I do SEO work in their own design a set of workflow, I will explain how to start how we do, and how to define my day of SEO work, nonsense less said, the following to share my experience with the method.

1. Select key Words

Select the keyword is that we do in the beginning of SEO to think of things, and in the search engine is not every keyword will be user inquiries, so we choose the keyword when we first selected good keywords, the so-called good keyword is a user search keywords, In the choice of keywords when we should not only combine the number of keywords to be combined with the search engine user index To reference keywords, the so-called user index is a keyword search number is more, if the higher the index, keyword attention will be more people, so we choose the keyword when the combination of index and the amount of selection, Choose not to choose the index above 2000 keyword, such keyword to do optimization is very large, and we should be based on the weight of their site to consider the choice of keywords.

2, the website station code consummation

When the keyword selected, we have to improve the site code, to match the search engine crawl habits, first of all, we change the code is generally from the top to the next modification, first of all we want to modify the title, embedded in the title keyword, each keyword with "," separated, next we want to modify meta In the meta is divided into two pieces, one is description another is keyword, first of all, we have to embed in description to improve the introduction, and the keyword embedded in the natural, keyword embedded keyword can, continue we want to add Alt in the picture code, Then embed the keyword in, each ALT best embed a keyword, next we have to do a second navigation, the second navigation in every page to appear, and the secondary navigation to add keywords, each keyword bold add hyperlink to the home page, in the down we want to join the Friendship link, Friendship link is to Exchange 2 old can be a day , do not exchange too much, please do not modify the code, if the changes will affect the ranking.

3, the website includes

Next we have to do is the site included, once the site is a make seoer are very painful things, need most of the chain, to attract spiders crawling site, but now through the search engine progress, we can use the Search Engine submission tool to submit the site, and can be very fast search engine included, So we can reduce most of the chain work, and if the search engine does not include, we can use the High weight blog pull spider crawling site and included, both methods can be used.

4. Daily work arrangement in the station

When our site is included, the next thing we have to do is the daily work of the work of the arrangement, the general to do the station is the best morning, this will help to cultivate spiders habitual crawling site, so we first do in-Station optimization to update the site internal article, the number of updates to combine the site weight to set the workload, First of all, the new website updates the article, update at least 6 a day, if it is the old site has a certain weight, update 4 every day, update the article is the best original, can not be original words on the use of manual pseudo original method for original, article text not too much, 300-500 words, Do an article also need 10-15 minutes, even if Update 6 also 1-1.5 hours, so very save time, and then every day we have to exchange links, every morning before the exchange of 2 links can be.

5, the daily station outside the optimization arrangement

Every afternoon is to do outside the station optimization, first of all, we have to update the article in the blog, embedded in the article yesterday did not include the article address, so that can attract spiders to include articles, and then we can give up the post, we can use some soft text instead of publishing chain, first every afternoon to protect two of high-quality soft Wen, Now the soft text are reproduced, so write a soft text to many times outside the chain is a good way, not only saves time also saves energy, therefore does the station outside we best do the soft article promotion, certainly we can also post 30 each day, does not have the post to send too many, we also have many hair outside the chain the method, Have a friendship link exchange platform can be done, we can also do the site message board message, so there are many ways to publish the chain.

6, remind you seoer

Finally, I would like to remind you to do SEO friends, when we do not use the black Hat method to do, so that the search engine will be pulled into the search engine blacklist, so I suggest you stay away from black hats, do more white caps, so that the site in search engines can be the greatest benefit.

Well, say so much, hope I said these can help everyone, of course I write articles if you do not understand or disagree with what I write, you can add our QQ group, Exchange Learning, I QQ group number for: 146179323, Welcome to add senior SEO Exchange QQ Group, This article from the Shenzhen scrap Metal recycling Original, if reproduced please indicate the source, please support the original, special a5!

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