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Keywords Suggestions analysis

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1. Enterprise Jianyan


an enterprise, whether he is to provide customers with products or services, its survival needs a certain resource base, such as plant or business site, technology, manpower, equipment, funds, etc., but only these resources enterprises can only say that he has been engaged in some kind of business activities of the conditions and ability. As to whether its foothold in the market, whether to gain a place in the fierce competition, whether to achieve the desired benefits, whether the development and growth, the key is to see if the enterprise has a suitable customer base with these resources. But the same is true on the web. Analyze the target population of the site. Please refer to the second item.


2. Enterprise target crowd analysis:

in particular the scope of the enterprise services involved in the traditional industry services, here also briefly mentioned a few, divided into three levels of analysis.

Hierarchical Relationship

, which includes three relationships between ordinary workers, white-collar workers and top workers, is relatively high on the average worker's reliance on network work, but has a low chance of finding the service. White-collar workers and senior workers for the network to find some consumption is relatively strong, access to the site when the site to see some of the design style does not reflect a kind of noble style. It's just a tall 11554.html "> Consumer analysis. A pursuit of noble and elegant consumer, aesthetic also part of them. If they go into a website, the style of the site when they are not viewing the station site causes one visitor to leave. Then a station optimization again how good does not combine customer analysis to do, then also will be a mistake! Of course, in aesthetic aspects not only to do well, optimize the site is more important. Another suggestion to go down.

3. Keyword Analysis

Industry key word is what

Main character keyword analysis, and he would have been the key words include: "Health massage foot massage The magnet health Guangzhou foot therapy" Personally think the key words in the keywords design only need to streamline, and the site involved in the keyword coverage is too high. Keyword settings when relatively not how targeted.


Guangzhou health Massage Foot Care massage Healthcare Magnet Health Guangzhou health service Guangzhou Foot Therapy

Purpose Keywords:

Health Service Center Guangzhou Health Service Center Health Care Place

4. External links:

from the inclusion of the situation to analyze this site. This station's external link basically comes from, and why Sogou and Yahoo have so many link? Link to this site is basically from And take a look at the following figure

ANYP has been Google Baidu and other sites began to punish. So how do you improve your external link? Can test to buy some better site link, such as gjj.cchao123, 265 and other sites enough to buy link. Or to exchange the way of friendship and so on. To improve your external link

analysis After the statement:

This station in the interior of the architecture optimization has been done relatively perfect, what is missing is some quality link. A successfully optimized site is no less than 30,000 link below.

the time of this issue is too hasty ... Write so much first. Faint death.

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