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SEO is not equal to network promotion? See the topic of friends may be a little skeptical, may ask: why SEO is not equal to network promotion? Well asked, this is what Beijing interactive SEO team will say today. Seo in our field, there are many friends in the industry, a lot of various kinds of friends, including just contact with SEO, but also in the field of SEO has a high reputation of people. What I'm saying today is just for the friends I just contacted. OK, no more nonsense, please see below.

New friends just contact may know, SEO includes station optimization and station outside optimization two parts. Station optimization I will not repeat, and for the station outside the optimization I say a few, because this is the source of ambiguity. Outside the station optimization we usually put the work center outside the chain optimization, including the usual: blog, meager links, soft links, forums, know, ask questions and answer links, as well as the most common links ... Wait a minute. However, these are not network promotion, this is only an increase in the number of a site outside the chain, the site on the search engine rankings on the front and search engine volume increase and the increase in site visitors. So how to break through the bottleneck of qualitative change? To achieve qualitative change must be in the accumulation of SEO, that is, "how the quantitative change into qualitative changes" of the truth, so it is necessary to completely abandon the "SEO is the network to promote" the concept of a new understanding and learning.

Network promotion, to do network promotion must have a platform, promote the object and target object. First of all, platform 11545.html "> We have, the Internet is the platform." Second, someone will ask what is the object? The object is your website, your product, your brand, your company's overall image.

How to do it?

First, you want to site positioning, the company operating what business, what products, the site should be corresponding to it, and to take into account the late costs and harvests.

Second, the site is the construction and SEO phase, do a good job in the station and outside the station optimization.

Third, the network propaganda, I here said the network propaganda and not only post, answer questions such as propaganda, but, including network soft and hard (such as: CPS,CPM,CPA ...) and so on) promotion, SNS and blog promotion, mail promotion, video promotion, news hype ... Wait a minute. Again, someone will ask, what is the target object? That is our customer group, is the need for our products, people who want to work with us, is to help us make money or give us money people.

Therefore, SEO is not strictly equivalent to network promotion, and network promotion must go through the stage of SEO, otherwise network promotion will lose its own significance and role. Because time is limited I say here first, may say a little shallow, later I will discuss this problem again with the friend.

Summarize the following points:

First, SEO and network promotion of different objects, SEO object is the site, while the network to promote the object is the entire business, products, brands and the overall image of the company.

Second, SEO and network promotion of the ultimate purpose of different, SEO purpose is to allow the site to have a better collection, better rankings and more visits. The purpose of network promotion is to let a company's overall value in the overall display of the network.

Third, SEO is to promote the network to do bedding, and network promotion with the help of SEO early optimization, through other non-SEO means to play the biggest publicity effect.

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