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For a better ranking of the site, we talk about what is usually said to be the site Webmaster SEO optimization skills are very strong, do outside the chain how how the topic, however, in 2013 today by the SEO optimization skills ranked far ahead of the site has been dead a lot, Then these so-called skills are beginning to let people slowly to die, eliminated. So what are we going to do in the next few days, in addition to optimizing our skills, to improve our site rankings and development? Today's small series to write some of their own views.

(a) Pay attention to the simplicity of the source code of the website.

We all know that search engine spiders are through the site's source code to crawl and crawl our site, however, in the previous period of time many sites have used a variety of tags to enhance the attention of spiders, so that spiders crawling our site, however, for such practices, accumulated after a long time will undoubtedly make spiders feel confused, Because it's not clear which articles on your site are more important, therefore, after the accumulation of time, will undoubtedly become our site down the right of hidden dangers, so in the future development, small series suggest that you try to write your own site source code simple, do not add some fancy tags, especially some of the emphasis on the label, usually Such a label appears only once in an HTML.


In addition to the concise site source code can not only let our website access speed hint up, can also speed up the spiders crawl Oh, and in the mobile version of the search engine are showing your site page file size, usually users from mobile phone browser to find some sites will choose the page file smaller URL of the Oh, So it can be good for you to bring more users.

(b) Do a lot of long tail keyword title.

For a website want to get more traffic in the search engine, and do not want to rely on those SEO skills friends can choose to collect long tail keyword form to name our site title, so as to get more ranked traffic. For the collection of Long tail keyword small series in writing article title often use the next four kinds of collecting long tail keyword method, now to share to you.


1, using some long tail keyword mining tools (Baidu one search a lot of).

2, search engine under the "related search" to collect long tail keywords.

3, according to the daily website traffic keyword statistics to select some we did not notice, but the user search in our website keyword.

4, the analysis of peer weight better site keyword rankings, and for them to have some of the rankings of Long tail keyword collection.

The above four kinds of methods are small knitting every day in use, the effect is very good, we can try to learn to do.

(c) Attentively provide the content that the user really needs.

For the original content, now almost every webmaster has to do, but now a lot of original content can not be very good to meet the needs of users, especially than the same industry site articles. So in addition to SEO optimization techniques, we should be more to stand on the user's point of view to write what they need, for we can not write and want to express the content, but also refer to the same type of Web site to the form of false original.

In writing the article, we try to choose the form of text to express, this is conducive to optimization, but also good for users to understand our content, the most important thing is to improve the user's stay in our site time, because the form of graphic display can be very good to ensure that users will not visually fatigue.

(iv) Focus on website details and enhance the user experience.

"The details determine success or failure, the user is God" These two points believe that the webmaster are identified, but for the details, how to do a good job user experience a lot of webmaster is not very clear how to do, how to do well, and so on, the following small series to "personalized network" as a case to summarize the station's user experience is how to do.

1, clear and tidy page, so that users can see the structure of the entire site, quickly find the content they want.


2, the opening of the membership function, so that users to write content for the site, to achieve a real user needs to publish the quality of the content.


3, flowers, attention, message function, better let users interact with the publisher.



4, in the personalized network has a professional feedback platform, can be very good for users to speak out of the site's deficiencies to make changes.


5, recently opened a hot topic discussion, so that users at the same time, to create a topic for the site, to become a real discussion of society, so you can better retain users.


6, mobile phone client development, which can better let those "mobile phone party" to pay attention to their site, but also through the mobile phone to publish some content, such as mood, signature, web name, diary and so on.


Small series here today briefly summed up these points, in fact, more details of the problem is also very good, because each industry site is not the same, small series can not be very specific summary, so just to share the form of cases, specific or suggest that people according to their own industry excellent site user experience work to carry out imitation learning, A lot of attention to user experience and details. Well, today is written here, this article by name site long original share, reprint please bring link, thank you.

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