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For SEO personnel, IIS log is our website optimization of the compass, is our optimization of the barometer, through the analysis of IIS log can effectively modify the direction of our website optimization, so as to speed up the process of SEO optimization, explaining that IIS log for SEO optimization personnel is critical, So how should we analyze the IIS logs?

One: The IIS log files can record which "people" visited your site, including search engine spider at what time through your server port access to the site under the name of which path, by accessing this path after the server status code for how many, and then can know what the spider did the corresponding action, We can actually download through FTP to see, download the filename is logfile, we can see many common status code, such as 200: successful access and download page display download KB number; 301: Permanent redirect; 304: No change to access page, 400: Error request; 403: server rejects request; 404: Dead link; 500: server internal error; 503: Service Unavailable Wait, we need to memorize this code! This is the first necessary skill for SEO practitioners!

Second: When your site online, you will naturally be the first time to submit their own web site to search engine landing, if you submit the site to the corresponding search engine, then immediately send spider to your site crawl data, of course, most of the spiders are very difficult to take the initiative to crawl, At this time you have to do a little bait for their site, if the spider came, then we can immediately through the logfile to see the traces of spiders, so that you can improve their site to build your confidence, after all, you can see Baidu spider to your site!

Third: The site on the beginning of the online will certainly have a lot of content updates, these new sites are added to enrich their site, and spiders to crawl is also in order to find useful information on the site, and then return to the search engine and the content to be crawled indexed, at this time can not be equated with the content is included, In fact, we can see from the IIS log, you enter who from what path to find their own content, and which paths are not crawled, this is not crawled path is your focus to conquer the problem!

Four: In fact, search engine can through a variety of code to analyze the quality of your site construction, such as 404 pages too Much, then returned to his results are very poor, is not to give you a good ranking, so the site's logfile file code for the optimization of the site how important!

Five: From the IIS log can see their own website article is not included, the weight is not very high, if you can work hard every day to update the site, slowly your site will not be called the object of ridicule others! In fact, now this society who can not laugh at who, but they are constantly doing who, Will let you have a lot of opportunities to surpass others!

From the above we know that analysis of IIS logs, for the development of the site basically to what extent, and what harm can be seen from these logs, of course, each server system is not the same, the corresponding log files will have different display, but the overall code is similar! So for SEO optimization personnel, must learn to analyze IIS log! This article by the network Telephone free Dozen original A5 first, the website: reprint please indicate from "The network telephone free dozen", thanks!

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