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Hunan SEO optimization Jianzigou for Baidu SE Spark program, talk about how to do site quality content. Although SE has been cracking down on spam sites and shielding meaningless repetitive content, there is still a large amount of spam sites and repetitive content on the Internet. Whether we search the search engine for long tail words, or in the forum to find specific content, the results shown in front of us, are not satisfactory are inevitable duplication of content.

There are tens of thousands of websites of any kind on the Internet, which can be said to provide content on the Internet, lack of the website that can solve the users ' needs and have high quality content. So how to build high-quality content of the site, has become worthy of the Internet webmaster thoughtful questions. Hunan Jianzigou seo To solve this problem, for you to provide solutions to this problem, I hope that you can make high-quality content of the site.

See Jianzigou SEO optimization How to create quality site content?

1, to ensure the timeliness of the content of the site, according to the changes in demand for new resources.

SEO optimization Jianzigou Search A lot of words, found that the search engine provides the results inside, the row home page many pages are not the latest content, nor has the latest snapshot. Many of the results shown on the home page, snapshots even stay a year or two ago. But when we search for other words, we find that the home page shows all the latest snapshots, even the last few days or hours ago. This is to tell us the timeliness of the content, the user needs and ranking of the impact is to be based on different industries and different words to determine. High-efficiency words, user needs change fast words, we may need to continue to create and update, more high-quality, time-sensitive articles.

SEO optimization Jianzigou In search of words, but also found that no matter what word search, snapshot time to stay in 1 years ago, is very few and very few. Site content updates the longer the longer the farther, the chance to get Baidu show will be less and less. The ultimate reason is that the user needs are changing, so no matter what the industry what site, need to meet the needs of users of new resources to join. The more able to meet the current user needs of the content, the more can meet the timeliness of the resources of Baidu's judgment, the more likely to be displayed in Baidu rankings home.

2, in the content of depth to meet user needs, to provide high-quality resources.

Because the Internet copyright can not be protected, the wind of plagiarism rampant hard to sever, many owners are unwilling to spend more cost, to in-depth analysis of users to do high-quality original content. So many of the most basic reading experience is not satisfied with the garbage content, a large number of repeated on the Internet, seriously affecting the entire Internet environment. For such a rogue webmaster can be said to violate the basic ethics as an Internet citizen.

If we want to deeply meet the needs of users in the content, only content to meet the most basic user experience standards, the site will be possible to provide users with high-quality resources. If we provide resources to ensure the normal use of the text provided to ensure the readability, and then further say that the text content of the typesetting for users to read, advertising content does not affect the user to read, video content to ensure clear, faster download resources.

The site provides high quality resources in addition to meeting the most basic needs, the optimization must also adhere to the principle of two iron: high value resources if not opposed to search engine friendly, high-value resources to more value to the user experience of the promotion.

3, to grasp the housing to provide resources for the audience, in-depth excavation of user needs.

The website wants to create the real quality content, to the audience group's analysis is the most core point. First of all, when we provide these content, we need to do a good job of user needs analysis, to ensure that you provide content, there are users need, is someone want to understand. Secondly, you provide the resources covered by how many users, to meet the needs of users, can not continue to meet the needs of users, can create a group of sites and a number of loyal audience?

Any site needs to have a certain audience, because the number of loyal audience, can reflect the value of the site. When the search engine gives the website rank, it will fully analyze and refer to the site's audience. In general, the more loyal the audience, the more the website is valued by the search engines. And how do we develop a faithful audience for the site? This requires us to dig deeper into the needs of users. If you can continue to meet the needs of users, then the resources you provide is reasonable.

Hunan SEO optimization to create high-quality content of the site to have the ternary element, first for you to talk here, the following we use point layout to sum up. In general, only new content is time-sensitive, so the Web site must update new content based resources rather than simply reprint old articles and old resources. Then to ensure that the resources provided by the site is high-quality, can fully meet the needs of users, in order to have a certain audience body.

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