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First of all, I am not SEO master, I also like many ordinary SEO enthusiasts like in learning, thinking of SEO. I learn SEO from contact to now almost half a year time, intermittent, read some books, to help friends of advertising companies have done optimization, but also made some achievements. I always thought that I did not achieve greater results because there are many "SEO methods or means" I did not do.

But until I really work, become a website promotion Commissioner, responsible for an electronic coupon download website promotion, I originally thought of so-called many "methods or means" actually very few pitiful. Nothing but the title, keywords, Web page description, as well as the distribution of Web keywords. I am very confused, do I have to do some work every day?

I think, always feel something is pulling me, said the professional point is the so-called bottleneck bar. Chatting with an SEO bull, he pointed out that my level needs to be improved. I suddenly have a sense of awakening, although I have never denied that my level has yet to be improved, but I have never paid attention to this problem. Friends, if you feel that there is no way out, a little confused, do you really think: my level is not enough?

About SEO Study of the article too much too much, even for a problem, in Baidu on a search, a lot came out. Here, I just want to take my experience, with the vast number of SEO beginners say, calmly learn seo, and then go to practice, when you to those SEO technology "at your fingertips", look at some of the online cattle People's article, when you feel confused, do not doubt SEO, You should ask yourself first: Is your level enough?

I believe that only by constantly enrich themselves, you can break through another bottleneck, I believe, as long as you stick to it, you will always have a harvest.

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