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During this time, we went through some of the books written by our peers. Almost every book has its problems. This must be inevitable, but as a professional SEO should pay attention to some details.

Next, let's talk about some of the details we found recently.

Many people see the site to modify the code, it is correct, just doctype label you have seen it? Is this site used HTML4.0, or is the use of XHTML1.0? Don't tell me you don't know this, never look at it. We'll see.

Here are a few XHTML1.0 tags!

1, <meta name= "keywords" content= "academic, worry-free network" >

2, &lt;meta name= "keywords" content= "study, worry-free Network" &gt; 3, &lt;meta name= "keywords" content= "academic, worry-free network"/&gt; 4, &lt;meta name= "Keywords" content= "academic, worry-free network"/&gt;

We first look at the first wording, the first wording of the META tag is used in uppercase, and the official website of the World Wide Web site to specify the lower case, the capitalization violates the rules of the World Wide Web, and many of our SEO sites are almost all uppercase, not only meta tags using uppercase, and

Name This property also uses uppercase. Remember a law, can lowercase as far as possible lowercase, you certainly will not suffer.

The second way, if it is in HTML4.0, then I certainly will not say anything, because his standard is this, and if the SEO carefully look at a lot of sites are using XHTML1.0, so this writing is illegal the rules of the Internet. Many friends will

What's wrong with that? Some search engine technology is not good, we are so irregular writing, and is the description of the tag to write in the SERP will appear in the code. Because you didn't tell the search engine where the tag ended.

The third type of writing is still incorrect because the official rule is that a single label requires the use of a space plus a slash to indicate the end.

The fourth way of writing is the official recognition of the writing, the DW CS more than 3.0 of the version of the verification will not be wrong, in the official website of the verification will not be wrong.

Summary: The code is as small as possible, because the consortium may introduce a series of uppercase tags in the future; single label also needs to use a white space slash to indicate the end.

b tag with the fervent label mixed use, our proposal is to use the HTML3.2 label as far as possible using the B tag, XHTML1.0 to use the fervent tag as far as possible.

Code all frame write, this mainly appears in the handwriting Code of the website, even handwriting, should also try to reflect the hierarchy structure. We do not recommend learning Baidu Home code that way, a lot of code piled together.

Summary: Our proposal is to use the Dreamweaver or the official website to verify the code as soon as possible, to ensure that the code does not cause the search engine not to like your Web page. This article originates from the academic carefree NET, reprint please reserve:

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