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When there is nothing to do with the optimization of the peer chat about this search engine optimization seo How to help customers do, to my surprise, 80% of the optimization technology, just rely on external connections to help customers, this recruit is the optimization strategy covered, but not the only, nor panacea!

Here for most netizens mention a wake up, if who said, "I can help you optimize, do not change your site content and procedures, directly to help you optimize to the home page", this is most of the SEO industry quack, not dead, can also cure the half-life! I've always thought that optimization is a straightforward detail, and I don't mention that he's a technology, Because really understand the program technology is still less, so if for the public, optimization is a series of details, do not know, as long as others tell you need to pay attention to what, a set of ready-made procedures, will content layout and page interactivity, OK!

A good website search Engine ranking = content + structure + connection! If proportional description: Content 40%+ structure 40%+ link 20%.

Look at the above data you should be able to see the priorities here, so a good site does not have a good content and framework base, just the pursuit of the number of external, it is a very irresponsible attitude! In peacetime we do optimization is often content + outside the chain, often the important structural problems to the brain, For example, a station score is 10 points. Even if the content to get full marks-4 points, outside the chain to get full marks-2 points, then you have only 6 points ah, at most not a pass.

Do you think your site will be good? Only when you realize the importance of the structure of the site, you grow, you want to take high points, you have to do every part.

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