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Now the rapid expansion of the crowd, everyone hands will have several sites, in such a competitive environment, site optimization has become a full-time webmaster essential skills, this has the sentence "This year will not optimize the site, you do not dare to do the site." But then again, who is not born will be SEO, people have to learn, but a mention of SEO training, I believe that many friends have to beat their hands, hate their original gave the lecturer two fists. The reason is also very simple, now the SEO training market is no longer complex to describe, is simply chaos, a lot of friends want to learn the site optimization of a search "SEO training" immediately will be that the battle, too many choices let our hearts no bottom, we should believe who?

The author first summarizes the current training situation:

1 All sectors of the market has been saturated, prices are divided into 399, 899, 2099 and other stages, but the quality of training has not changed substantially, many friends reflect the teaching is 2099, the content of learning and 899 is not much different.

2 Training company slogan a louder than a ring, a more attractive than a, like what "no matter who you are, to ensure that you 100% learn to earn money", "to provide free SEO tutorials, students more than 97% success rate", but behind the loud slogan is that we do not understand its true strength.

3 Fraught website Optimization training company in Endless, mercenary, did not take up the responsibility of the enterprise, for the students are not hundred seriously impart.

But above all is some SEO training market some black company's behavior, their existence lets the entire optimization training market become cloudy, but the formal training organization does not have its own malpractice? I think not necessarily, some formal SEO training institutions still exist cheating students, exaggerated publicity and other phenomena, Its own development model also has many deficiencies:

1 rely on Word-of-mouth marketing fixed student source, self-teaching model does not have a greater innovation, there is an example, I have participated in a training organization of the intermediate class, after learning a course to build their own website, the effect is good, but this year a friend to learn SEO optimization, the same report is the curriculum of this body, Did not expect us to learn the content is basically consistent, 1 years of time unexpectedly not too big change, however this 1 years, the actual SEO operation and how many changes occurred, I believe that every webmaster is very clear.

2 well-known institutions impart theoretical knowledge far more than actual combat experience, content and the importance of the chain was repeatedly emphasized by the lecturer, the experience of the actual combat accumulated little, do not know is in order not to mislead students, or out of the existing technical advantages of reservations, the lecturer is always cautious, although the content does not harm, But when a student has a course, he just knows the point of theory.

3 monopoly phenomenon continues to expand, some powerful emerging companies can not be effectively developed, growth, industry competition in the development trend has not formed.

Said so much, many friends may ask, since now whether the formal company or the black-hearted company, have such or such a problem, then as a novice webmaster, we should believe who?

For such a situation, I suggest that you or choose a large SEO training institutions to learn, network odd, Kingo Tiema, Yuan Chong, etc. can, in addition, we will be strict with ourselves, this is any novice in learning SEO must pay attention to the place. Here I have five suggestions:

It's best not to "0 basics" to attend training

Although many organizations claim that even if you are 0 basic, they can teach you, too, but if you're a 0-based student, you're going to have to learn a lot more about website optimization than anyone else, or if the instructor is going to take care of what the people will think of the cuts, it's an intangible waste for us.

Training can not drift with the flow, to clear their focus on learning

Student times, the teacher often let us preview, this habit can be said to be practical. To get the present, that is, when you participate in training, you can according to their weak points to the appropriate teacher to the relevant content and skills of the explanation. Let who 50 minutes motionless, do not walk a little God is also unrealistic things, since there is such helplessness, we may wish to focus on the content of learning, improve the corresponding learning efficiency.

Do the website to be practical, attend the training also to be practical

There is no free lunch in the world, nor is there a quick magic. Website optimization is a long-term process, not to mention we learn it, a lot of friends are cheated by their own ideas are not pragmatic wrong guidance, imagine who can put a what will not be a novice in a short one months within the church, and to achieve the elite level? If there was such an institution, I would have to go to the class, But this is obviously deceptive things, so everyone in learning SEO, first understand that, what success is a little bit of accumulated.

Since all the training, do not care too much about the money

Personal webmaster Funds are not abundant, this we all understand, but since the choice of webmaster industry, select the SEO, we have to invest, reluctant to find the child set not wolf, now pay tuition is for more convenient to do the site, if now in order to save money, choose some obscure small institutions, not only the quality of learning can not be guaranteed, There is no place to say when you are deceived.

In the process of learning to add their own thinking, for the lecturer listening to half learn half

Lecturer is not the industry's No.1, there are certain shortcomings themselves, do station experience there are deficiencies, for such a situation, we should join in the study of their own understanding, can not blindly serve as the role of students, because we and the instructor in the environment is not the same as the operating site is not a type, if we will be the development of their own web site in some rules and regulations, the effect is certainly not Ideal, of course, this is not a lecturer in misleading us, but concrete analysis of specific circumstances, we grasp the degree of site optimization can be.

Now the SEO training market, although not a "very good world", but I think as long as we learn not to covet the cheap choice of some reputable institutions, learning in the process of thinking more, more practice, then our final results will certainly not let us down. Above from my website QQ personalized Signature editor published, welcome reprint, Thank you.

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