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Characteristics of external chain robots

If you are a seoer. Whether you are full-time, or part-time, as long as you have the following two characteristics, you will be known as the chain robot. This article is written for you.

1, you think SEO is hair outside the chain.

2, you have been hair outside the chain.

Known as the chain robot, sad and happy, and more sad than happy.

Sadly, your limited, priceless youth, are consumed in the hair outside the chain.

Hi, your ability to execute is strong. As long as you have expert advice, you will be a good seoer.

No matter which line you are in, at a certain time, you are bound to have a new confusion. When you are lost, it means that you should stop and gallop and think hard. As seoer, especially so.

Around me, there are a lot of outside the chain robot. I used to be.

Now are you as I was, yesterday I, every day looking for new outside the chain of resources? Do you get out of the chain every day tirelessly or tirelessly? It's pathetic. Yes, sadly.

As a professional, or part-time seoer, we should not be hair outside the chain of machines. Man is flesh and blood mortal, and seoer.

Even if we do not like Tao Yuanming, over the "mining chrysanthemum under the east fence, leisurely see Nanshan," The immortal life, should not like Bailao, living a "day and night sweating, but still eat not full, insufficient" slave life.

Seoer should not spend the priceless youth in the chain of desperately hair. Stop struggling to find out the tired pace of resources outside the chain, stop racking their brains how to let the chain not be deleted inertia thinking, bubble a cup of hot tea, legs, let repressed the body and mind in the recovery of everything in the season free to breathe.

Do not chain outside the chain! Don't forget the original intention of the chain. The outside chain does not include links.

The original intention of the chain: import weight;

Blog on the outside chain, BBS on the chain, how much weight? Perhaps 1000 of blogs, forums outside the chain is worth a website friend chain transmission weight. And the weight of this site is still 0 to 1 levels.

So, if your blog and the audience on the forum, see your outside chain will not click, and these outside the chain say goodbye. Your priceless youth should not be wasted here.

To do, to do links outside the chain, to do to do high-quality outside the chain.

Quantitative change can cause qualitative change. Your side may have such a sound. Yes, quantitative changes can indeed lead to qualitative changes. Thousands of chains may be able to withstand a friend chain. But, in order to tens of thousands of outside the chain, how much you spend the youth?

From the mirror, ask yourself. You will find:

SEO is actually an art, a very familiar with the hearts of netizens art.

All you have to do is capture the heart of your target audience. If you catch it? Ventured gained? It is Seoer's mission to provide valuable content for the target customer base.

So, outside the chain robots quickly stop for the chain outside the chain bar.

will be limited, priceless youth in the exchange of high-quality friendship links, to do high-quality outside the chain, used in high-value content.

Only in this way, you and your site can break the cocoon into butterflies, dancing in the flowers.

When Yamahana, may you laugh in the bushes!

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