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The enterprise's website pattern design is more and more humanized, the small and medium-sized enterprises start to run the network marketing, the website makes the composition plan is also a enterprise development road, namely, first must lay down the basic website pattern, then from this direction carries on the website the business model. Small and medium-sized enterprises through the network to the company's products and service information to a Web site to share out, that users see the needs of products, it can be the first time to talk about electronic Shangli, at the same time, both sides can achieve a win. From then on the small and medium-sized enterprises through the Web site is the Internet to promote and reflect corporate image and culture of an important window. Enterprise Website design is very important, the following is a number of business enterprise website design principles introduced.

First, clearly set up business website objectives and user needs

In the Internet, the purpose of building a website, should everyone understand, in the Web site design Show corporate image, introduce products and services, reflect the enterprise development strategy is an important way, so we must clearly design the purpose of the site and user needs, so as to make a practical design plan. According to the consumer needs, market conditions, operating mode, the company's own situation and other comprehensive analysis, bearing in mind the "consumer (customer)" As the center, rather than "fine arts" as the Center for Design planning. I want to talk to you here, no matter what kind of Web site designer design, should take into account the site is based on customer experience as the center to build, rather than take into account the personal ideas or to the pursuit of good-looking and to design some of the user experience is poor Web pages, to the development of small and medium-sized enterprises and product style to design.

Second, the overall design plan theme is clear

On the basis of a clear goal, the completion of the site concept Creative is the overall design plan. The overall style and characteristics of the site to make positioning, planning the site organization structure. The web site should have different forms for the service object (institution or person). Some sites provide only concise textual information, while others use multimedia techniques to provide gorgeous images, flashing lights, complex page layouts, and even downloadable audio and video footage. Excellent web sites combine graphical representation with effective organization and communication. To achieve a distinctive theme, the main points clear, with a simple and clear language and screen to reflect the theme of the site. All means to mobilize the full performance of the site's personality and taste, to run the characteristics of the site. The Web site home page should have basic ingredients including: header: Accurately identify your site and corporate logo; Email address: Used to receive user inquiries; Contact information: such as ordinary email address or telephone; Copyright information: Declare the copyright owner, etc. Be aware of reusing existing information. such as customer manuals. Public relations documents-technical manuals and databases can be easily used in corporate Web sites.

Third, the commercial website layout design

As a kind of visual language, web design should pay attention to the arrangement and layout, although the homepage design is not equal to the graphic design, but they have many similarities, they should be fully utilized and used for reference. The layout design expresses harmony and beauty through the spatial combination of the text graphics. A good web designer should also know which section of text graphics should fall where to make the entire page glow. Multi-page Site page layout design requires the organic relationship between the pages reflected, especially to deal with the page and the page between the order and content. In order to achieve the best visual performance effect, should pay attention to the overall layout rationality, so that viewers have a smooth visual experience.

Four, the role of color in web design

Color is one of the elements of artistic expression. In web design, according to the principle of harmony, balance and emphasis, different colors are combined. To make a beautiful page. According to the influence of color on people's psychology, rationally apply. In the color application process, also should pay attention to a problem: because of the country and the race. The difference between religion and belief, as well as the geographical location of life. Differences in cultural culture, different groups of people have great differences in the degree of happiness The background and composition of the main readership should be considered in the design.

Enterprise Web page form and content unification

There are good corporate Web forms, but also rich content to support, because no matter how beautiful your website design is fascinating, there is no real useful content, that is no use, that want to do this thing is not difficult, first of all, the rich meaning and diverse forms of organized into a unified page structure, Formal language must conform to the content of the page and embody the rich meaning of the content. By using the means of contrast and harmony, symmetry and balance, rhythm and rhyme and leaving white, the whole equilibrium state is established through the relationship between space, text and figure, which produces harmonious aesthetic feeling. Web new forces in Guangzhou web design to point, line, face of the use is not isolated, many times need to combine them to express the perfect design mood, through the design of the Web page can show a model of the enterprise.

Vi. composition of web space and virtual reality

Virtual space on the network is an imaginary space, the site can only through this space to show him to the internet, so that everyone can see on the network of your website design and information on the site, this kind of spatial relationship needs to rely on static and dynamic changes. The proportional relation of the image is shown by the spatial factors. Make the site at the same time, to upload the page, the picture, text position before and after the pressure, or page position changes produced by the visual effects are different. Picture, text before and after the formation of the space level is still rare, more on the web is some design more standardized, concise pages, this kind of stacking can produce a strong rhythm of the space level, visual effect is strong.

VII. utilization of multimedia functions

The traditional propaganda is always indispensable, the multimedia propaganda aspect really is a brand propaganda unimportant pattern, simultaneously one of network resources superiority is the multimedia function. To attract viewers attention, the page content can be used in three-dimensional animation, flash and so on performance. However, it should be noted that due to network bandwidth constraints, the use of multimedia in the form of Web page content should be considered when the client's transmission speed.

The content of the website should be kept updated every day

A website construction has been completed, that how to add and enrich the content of the site it! Also, after the Enterprise Web site is established, keep updating the content. Site information constantly updated, so that visitors understand the development of enterprises and online positions, but also to help enterprises to establish a good image. On the corporate web site, be careful to reply to the user's e-mail and traditional contacts such as letters. Be sure to answer questions. It is best to classify the user intent, such as pre-sales general understanding. After-sales service, by the relevant departments to deal with the use of station visitors feel the real existence of the enterprise and thus generate trust. Be careful not to promise things you can't achieve, and not to ask users to enter information or list a number of phone numbers they can't answer in time before you really have the ability to handle them. If visitors are required to voluntarily provide their personal information, they should disclose and conscientiously fulfill their personal privacy guarantee commitments.

The above eight kinds of small and medium-sized enterprises to create the composition of the Web site to the development of all walks of life to bring the incomparable imagination, but also to the small and medium-sized enterprises to bring the unexpected harvest, from some small and medium-sized enterprises to break the traditional marketing model to meet the development path of the Internet.

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