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Content for the king, outside the chain for the emperor. This sentence in the webmaster industry most well-known, many webmaster is based on this for the core of the station, relative to the content of the setting, the construction of the chain is more prominent skills. Whether it is to exchange friends chain, or the question and answer platform to add links, outside the chain building always need more skills as the basis, like a question and answer platform to join the link, a little careless will be deleted, serious time may even be sealed. The same reason, as a webmaster use the most frequent exchange friend chain This method, there are also many aspects worth noting, in these aspects of handling well, in order to further enhance the friendship chain for the site outside the chain of construction contributions.

To find the chain must have a back chain

Birds of a feather flock together. Many webmaster hope and some of the more famous web site to establish links to users to convey a "My site is authoritative" thinking. In this kind of idea, some webmaster will apply for dozens of of friends in a chain, so in their friends chain to add a lot of no link to the site, in fact, this is very bad for the site. Because under normal circumstances, a well-known site is difficult with other famous sites or the weight of higher sites to establish friends of the chain, and these are not outside the chain of "Friends of the chain" is actually not a search engine recognition. In fact, the owners of the idea is very simple, I think I often on the site on the page, show that I am friendly to you, you should also be friendly to me and so on, in fact, for their own site flooded with no chain of friends, search engine not only will not recognize our site, but also think we hair outside the chain, to determine our website can not be trusted , one of my friends do is the portal site, is such a situation, the PR value from 5 directly to 2, so find a friend chain must have a reverse chain.

Two best not to use the normal website to take the new station

Many webmasters have multiple websites operating, this is clear to all, and we are more often the practice is to use a more mature website to bring their own a new station, the idea is good, want to use a new station to drag a new station, let it grow fast, but in the author's opinion this approach is not desirable, Because relying on a website to do the new station is not possible, not only impossible, but may be dragged down to their own website, so really want to do we can spend some money to hire someone else's website belt. Conversely, as long as other people's site snapshots and included normal, we can exchange friends chain, but only if they have to have a reverse chain.

Three can not only value PR

PR value is a measure of the weight of a site important indicators, but can not rely entirely on this indicator to identify the level of the site, in considering the site, we should combine Baidu snapshots, site rankings and other aspects of comprehensive consideration. Because a website PR value is high does not mean that the weight is high, a website PR5, Baidu weight of 1, a website PR3, Baidu weight of 2, I suggest that the webmaster or choose the latter as well, because the outside chain construction time also need stability.

Four access speed should be noted

Some sites are also more desirable weights, but in the key moment easy to drop the chain, said simply is in the peak of the visit will often appear in the Web page can not open the situation, for such a site, I suggest that we still do not exchange friends chain of good, because such a site in the peak of the visit once often do not open the page, will be the search engine deduction points, which for their site is a kind of punishment, and because of the chain of friends and the role of punishment, we as their friend chain, there will certainly be punishment, so like the above situation, stationmaster still don't and they build friend chain of good.

The number of chain of five friends should be appropriate and gradual

In the Baidu algorithm adjustment, Baidu will be the export chain to take over the site to punish, so the webmaster in the chain of friends to master the number of times, generally in 30 or so can be. And for a new station, in the first month to Exchange 5 links will be able to increase the number of two each day, has grown to 30 can be. This time span in 2 months can be, so the stationmaster must sink the gas.

The above is the author summarizes the exchange of friends in the chain need to pay attention to the place, in fact, exchange friend chain is a very complex thing, not just find a higher than their weight of the site exchange can be, such a person does not necessarily agree, but the weight of a very high on their own site help sometimes is not very big, Exchange friend chain when the specific strengths of the site is actually more beneficial, do not worry, the author will continue to introduce in the next article in the exchange of friends to pay attention to other aspects of the chain.

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