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Since the home has a baby, home also a lot of joy, I use leisure time, do a parenting site, the baby's diary and photos to the site to go up, slowly friends and colleagues are also very supportive of me, they also put their own children related photos to the above, and also published in the log, which I moved, And then I wanted this site to let more people know, after groping on the internet for some time, just know what is called SEO, that how to promote it, in the continuous learning, I also slowly realize the fun and bitterness, do SEO promotion I mainly use the following methods, now the experience with webmaster friends to share.

1. Keyword optimization

Keyword Optimization Needless to say, many webmasters have some knowledge, there should be some basic keywords in the home page, and in the content pages can do some long tail keyword, preferably this long tail keyword has included the basic keywords, and the long tail keyword density higher, in the search engine rankings will be more ahead.

2. Blog and QQ Group propaganda

Although the webmaster online, these methods are the old saying talked, but I still share my views with you, you can build a few different blogs, and then Post, the best blog can be original, in different blogs, it is best to have different original blog, if the different blog used in the original blog is the same article, Only the first search engine indexed by the blog in the weight of the search engine will be high, where the blog will be ignored by search engines. QQ group Promotion I was to find some of the QQ group related to the site, increased by more than 10, often good articles and QQ group of friends to share, then your site has a lot of people patronize ah.

3. Inner chain and outer chain

Inside the chain is to be on the site from the site related content links on another page, so that when a user access to one of the articles, they will also visit the relevant articles. Outside the chain is in the Forum, blog and other places, your site related articles on the link, so that you will bring a very substantial site traffic.

4. Links

Link is also to increase the search engine weight of a method, friendship links is best to find more than your site PR value of the site, so that the search engine snapshot update will be faster, do not look for those sites opened is advertising flying, so the effect will appear worse.

OK, do not know these points to webmaster friends whether it is helpful, this is my summary of experience, there are insufficient places hope that a lot of advice oh. This article by the Kai Chong Early Education Network ( original, reproduced please indicate the source.

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