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Google link wide-scale detector (Google backlink Checker): Enter your site URL, The program will search for any sites in Google that link to your site and the text titles used by the links. Because the Chinese character is not supported, the text content is garbled, but the URL of the link is at a glance.

Search engine Crawl Content simulator (search Engine Spider Simulator): Enter the URL you want to query, Learn about the text content and links that Google can crawl into the page. Compare the results of a page that uses a lot of text and a lot of pictures. Network marketers can also use this tool to detect optimized page quality. Supports Chinese characters.

Search engine Crawl Page quantity statisticians (search Engine saturation): your site URL and randomly displayed entry codes, You will get the number of pages your Web site crawls from search engine AllTheWeb, AltaVista Google/aol, and Hotbot/inktomi. You can also enter 3 competitor website URLs to compare and understand your position in the competition.

Link-wide Detector (link popularity check): your site URL and randomly displayed entry code that you will be informed in search engine AllTheWeb AltaVista Google/aol Hotbot/inktomi MSN, which sites linked to your site, as well as the same URL in Dmoz, Excite, Iwon, Lycos, overture and other search engines in the detailed link information. You can also enter 5 competitor website URLs to compare and understand your position in the competition. The same tools include, which can detect the total number of links and links to websites in Yahoo, Google, MSN, Lycos and AltaVista. Google rankings monitoring tool (Free monitor for Google): need to download the use. The tool can report your site's ranking of a keyword in google and the site URL of the top N (own set of digits) under the same keyword.

Similar page detector (Errors page Checker): It is well known that Google will penalize the content of the copied pages. The tool can test the similarity of two pages to determine whether they will be penalized. Like Http:// and, the similarity reaches 80%, The latter's PageRank ranking value in Google is shown as 0 through the toolbar.

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