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Before sharing with you the "operation of the network of the preparatory work", today to share with you my talent network is how to promote. The promotion of talent network is divided into online and offline two ways, first of all, we first said how to promote the offline.

First, online promotion mode

1.QQ Promotion

Because it is a local talent network, the object of service can be said that most of the local enterprises and talents. I first use my group and group mail function to promote, as to the content to be sorted out, short and practical. There is QQ friends to help promote, let them help forward to their group. can also put

Information released to the QQ space and QQ microblogging, QQ alumni. This is a necessary first step, do not always hurry to submit a search engine, he can not immediately bring effect.

2. Search engine and outside chain promotion

This is relatively simple, submit the site to the major search engines, Baidu Library and Baidu experience and A5 are good outside the chain promotion platform.

3. Mail and SMS Promotion

Before sharing the "operational talent network of the preparatory work", there is a "collection of local enterprises in other talent network contact information, mailbox or mobile phone number, and then set up a document" purpose is to promote the present. The collected information is sorted out to extract the email address and mobile phone number, the phone number for the time being. And then send mail through Q or other mailboxes, which can theoretically add 20 recipients, but because the message content may be considered spam, it will be reduced. After the message is sent, it starts sending text messages. I bought a mobile card and opened a 20 yuan SMS business can send 300 text messages (you can also use a letter, but more trouble), the sorting of mobile phone number input, add content, send.

I have to say that these two methods are the most troublesome but the most effective way to promote. Remember to first to promote the content of the reorganization, such as XXX talent network officially online, free release talent information ....

4. Website Service Promotion

This varies from person to person, the early stage is the free home page advertisement or is the integral gift or is the member package gift. The operation mode of my website is integral + member, but the member only opens two kinds, one is 100 year year fee member, one is the Attestation Enterprise Member (free),

Then it's the recharge points. First I push the certification member (all Upload business license certification through the enterprise can be given home ads and gold members for one year of service) is mainly to attract more local enterprises to settle in, free affirmation Many people want, the company personnel

Their job is to recruit people, no matter how they are recruited, so they will not miss such a chance. Because the activity has the time limit, after the activity launches "the annual fee member" activity. Price set cheap, small profits but quick turnover. As for points recharge you

Can adjust the integral consumption appropriately.

This one or two words is not clear, if you want to know more can contact me.

Second, the line to promote the way

1. Advertising methods (outdoor advertising leaflets, etc.)

This is the best way to promote the local website. I first designed 50 A4 photo ads, and then ran to the development zone, industrial park, there are more people flow of places paste, do not think to find a place to paste on the effect.

My flyer style

Rich you can also do a body advertising and outdoor advertising effect is good.

2. Message mode

My method here is: I booked a copy of our newspaper here, we have a lot of businesses here just opened or shopping malls to do activities will be issued leaflets to promote the newspaper, and then I have a clip on each issue of the leaflet above the contact method to collect mobile phone number and phone number or QQ, through

Send SMS way to promote and QQ message promotion, the effect is also good. And there's a classified message on the paper. This can also collect some information (but this content is not trustworthy).

3. Telephone mode

Why write this way, because "I published our company's recruitment information in their own network, and then the phone is to leave my office phone, the result the next day, received a telephone (network of talent telephone marketing staff), said to be XXX talent network, on the Internet to see

Our company in the recruitment of talent, said that their talent network recently doing an activity, has helped me register a member, let me go to experience, but also said that you can release information for free and so on. And then I'm going to add my Q. Send me the username and password and let me experience it. I followed his

Address and information to their site to log in, found that I posted in my own talent network post information are collected by them, and then he gave my membership number to upgrade a level, can automatically refresh information and talent pool. Experience is a certain time, that fellow

Days Q Contact You experience how, or to open a corporate membership or other packages. After a few days of ignoring him, he called to ask. Then he was out of his right. But occasionally they will see their phone call over. ”

In fact, this is a good way, you can collect the phone or other talent network published information through the telemarketing way out, of course, you first skin thick enough.

4. Intermediary cooperation mode

Find local Talent Resource center cooperation, the General Talent Resource Center will be in the development Zone annex, take your business card to talk to their boss, the early stage is to help them to the recruitment of information free to the talent network, and then put the intermediary contact. (specifically how you talk about it) but

One thing to say is that most of the human resources centres are worker. My website does not consider this promotion way.

5. Enterprise cooperation mode

Work well with the company's personnel, give them more benefits (talent online Services) Let them help you advertise.

6. Job Fairs

Here is the scene of the job fair, conditional can go to cooperate with the Government to organize a job fair, can bring you a lot of benefits.

7. Activities

Organize activities to promote, spend a little money to make a recommendation enterprises can get points or other gifts, and then let some people recommend such as their company's personnel to register to publish job information.

Because it is a town-level local talent network, people flow and concern is certainly not two or three line city high, but to promote rather than better promotion, can slowly build a brand, in fact, free does not necessarily do not make money.

In fact, there are many ways to promote, I believe that a lot of people are better than my method, as long as there are effects can be tried. Remember to tidy up your content before you promote it. Next time to share with you the "local talent network how to make money".

The above are in the operation of my personally arranged, take out to share with you, literary talent is not good, so there is a description of improper place, we understand.

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