Sexy beauty teaches you to read big names-how to correctly name luxury brands

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Many people must be able to see the brand, but can not pronounce or speak out of the sound of foreigners do not understand, simply create their own shortened version, such as Louis Vuitton into LV and so on. So go abroad to buy things, ask for a while, maybe no one knows what brand you are talking about ...

The following is the British Harpers Bazaar magazine collation of some brand correct pronunciation, you may wish to practice! If you want to live voice, please click here (if the opening is too slow, the condition of the children's shoes to climb a wall), really can not only turn to the major translation dictionaries. Originally Yahoo Hong Kong also opened a special brand pronunciation teaching Web page version, but unexpectedly alive or dead hair, have children's shoes know is God horse back?

Luxury brand Anna Sui:anna Sweeann Demeulemeester:ann de-mule-eh-meesterazzedine alaia:azz-eh-deen Ah-lie-ahBadgley Mischka: Badge-lee Meesh-kahbalenciaga:bah-len-see-ah-gahbalmain:bahl-mahhhhnbottega veneta:bow-tay-guh Vah-nettaChristian Lacroix:christian Luh-kwachristian louboutin:christian loo-boo-tancomme des Garçons:comb dey gah-sownDolce & Gabbana:dol-chey and Gab-anadries van Noten:drees van Know-tengareth Pugh:gareth Pewgiambattista: Gee-am-bah-tease-ta Vah-leegianfranco Ferre:gee-ahn-franco Feh-raygivenchy:zjee-von-sheehermès:er-mezhervéléger: Air-vay Lay-jahhussein chalayan:hoo-sane Sha-lionissey miyake:iss-ee mee-yah-keyjean Paul Gaultier:zhon Go-tee-ayjunya Watanabe:jun-yah wat-an-ah-beykinder aggugini:kinder Ag-ooh-gee-neelanvin:lahn-vahnloewe: Loh-wev-ehlouis vuitton:loo-wee vwee-tahnl ' Wren scott:la-ren Scottmaison Martin Margiela:may-sohn Mar-jhell-ahmarchesa:mar-kay-sahmary katrantzou:mary Cat-trant-zoomiu Miu:mew-mewmonique LhuIllier:monique le-hu-lee-aymoschino:mos-key-nolivier Theyskens:oh-liv-ee-ay Tay-skinsproenza schouler:pro-en-zuh Skool-erochas:row-shahsrodarte:row-dar-tayroksanda Ilincic:roksanda Ill-in-chiksalvatore Ferragamo:sal-vah-tor-re Fer-ra-gah-mohsonia Rykiel:sewn-yah Ree-key-elthakoon:tah-koonversace:vur-sah-chee

A détacher:ah day-tah-shayacne:ahk-nayalber elbaz:ahl-bear el-bahzalexandre vauthier:ah-lex-ahn-der voh-tee-ayAndrew Gn:an-drew Jinanya hindmarch:ahn-yuh Hind-marshaquilano Rimondi:ah-kwi-lahn-doh Rim-ohn-deeBehnaz Sar-uh-forbibhu mohapatra:bee-booh Mo-ahh-pat-rahbouchra Jarrar:boo-shra jahr-arrburberry prorsum:burr-behr-ee Prohr-sumcarven:cahr-vehncostella tagliapietra:coh-stell-oh Tag-lee-ah-pee-ay-trohcushnie et ochs:cuh-sh-nee eht Ockselie Saab:ee-lee sahbemanuel Ungaro:ee-man-you-el oon-gar-oherdem Moragliou:air-dem Zegna:ehr-men-e-jil-doh zayn-yahetro:eht-roguillame Henry:gee-ohm ahn-reehedi slimane:ed-ee Slim-ahnIssa: Ee-sahissey Miyake:ee-say Mee-ah-kaykirna Zabête:keer-nah zah-betmaiyet:may-etmaje:mahjnicholas Ghesquière: Nee-coh-la Guess-k-yairralph lauren:ralf lor-enrei kawakubo:ray Cow-uh-kooh-bosacai:suh-kaischiaparelli: Skyap-uh-rell-eethierry Mugler:tee-air-ee Mu-glaretse:sayulyana sergeenko:uhl-Yahn-uh S-air-jane-kohvika Gazinskaya:vee-kah Gahv-in-skee-yahvionnet:vee-oh-nayyigal Azrouël:yig-ahl Ahz-roo-elyves Saint laurent:eve San Lau-ronyohji yamamoto:yoh-jee yam-ah-mo-to

Beauty teaches you to read Big

The present God horse's leave now, in the candlelight dinner time uses the standard pronunciation broodstock to say "Happy Valentine ' s day!" .

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