Shanghai home to approve Wenyao retirement application

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Last night, Shanghai home to the announcement of the Wenyao, accept the retirement application, while the independent director Zhang Chun as Acting chairman. September 17, Shanghai Wenyao, the chairman of the home of the application, "I apply for age and health reasons for retirement, please board approval." The Board of Directors accepted Mr. Wenyao's application and expressed his heartfelt thanks to Mr. Wenyao for his diligence during his tenure as chairman, and for the company's business development and the work of its board of directors, the Shanghai household announcement said yesterday. The Board decided to nominate an independent director, Zhang Chun, as acting chairman. Data show that Zhang Chun in December 2009 as an independent director of the Shanghai home. This May, Wenyao and large shareholder peace Trust conflict intensified, Ping Jia Group management has a huge amount of "accounts, Treasury," Wenyao retorted that "safe come in after the home group in existence, only sell assets." Then Wenyao was ping An group chairman of the company, only as chairman of the listed companies. May 16, Wenyao at the shareholder meeting in response to the issue of retirement, said he hoped that major shareholders to give another two or three years. Analysis Wenyao or will focus on the "new fund" analysis that Wenyao left Shanghai home, its energy is likely to focus on the "National Fashion Industry investment Fund." In May this year, Wenyao and Ping An trust after the intensification of the conflict, Ping An trust stationed in Shanghai, the representative of Chen (once in Ping An trust bid for Shanghai home) suddenly resigned. This July, Chen as a "national Fashion industry Investment Fund" Investment director of the status of the appearance. Chen has said to the media, the Fund's main investment in high-end table industry, cosmetics, jewelry and apparel, and volunteers to activate the old brand, this and Wenyao years of fashion dream coincide. Recently, Wenyao to Beijing News reporter confirmed that he has served as "National Fashion Industry Investment Fund" chief advisor, but his main energy is still in 600315 (Shanghai Home Stock code).
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