Shanxi Hongtong far-middle coking tobacco to wreak havoc on the provincial environmental protection Model city

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Far in the coking plant, the factory has a brown plume of smoke. A plume of yellow smoke soared over the town of Hongdong County Zhao. China Economic network Shanxi Hongtong July 23, Shanxi far-Middle Coking Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as far-coking) tobacco is making Hongdong County last year's "Provincial Environmental protection Model City," the title of shame. Standing in the far-coking plant outside the factory, you can clearly see the strong tobacco out of the factory. A plume of yellow smoke rose from the plant and was scattered over the plant. "This is good, I used to work in the factory, if the smoke equipment is broken, the smoke is out of sight, the people choke to breath." Said a villager in the village. The villager said to move to live in the vicinity of the company is not long, but often can see far in the coking out of the tobacco: "It is afraid of who, also nobody tube, the EPA is not refill." "It is understood that far-coking was established in December 2000, is located in the provincial government approved the establishment of the Hongdong County Chang Coking Industrial Park, covers an area of 433 acres, more than 600 employees, an annual output of 600,000 tons of coke, tar 27,000 tons, ammonium sulfide 6,500 tons, crude benzene 7,700 tons, for gas 240 million m3 2005, in Shanxi Province coke industry reorganization, is the provincial government to determine 75 of the reserve support enterprises. The company has been submitted to the national tax more than 250 million yuan, is Linfen taxes large. In 2004, Wang Liude, chairman of Coking, was elected as the special model worker of Shanxi province. December 17, 2004, Chairman Wang Liude was awarded the title of "The Builders of socialist cause with outstanding Chinese characteristics of non-public economy in Shanxi Province" by Shanxi Provincial party committee and provincial government. March 2013, Hongdong County through provincial environmental protection Model City acceptance. Environmental protection Model City is the highest award of urban environmental protection work, and it is a comprehensive embodiment of the harmonious development of urban society, economy and environment. Far from coking out of the tobacco, just won the provincial environmental protection Model City title Hongdong County Pale Many.
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