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We all know that the purpose of SEO is to improve the site in search engine exposure rate, improve site access and ultimately marketing, and Shao Jun today's thought of writing the user experience this topic is because there has been a friend response to say Shao Jun blog Open slowly, and sometimes even simply not to go, I have analyzed the reason before, Also have a friend to me pointed out that the comprehensive analysis of the Web site is too slow due to excessive use of plug-ins caused. Although the blog program itself is not large, less than 10M, but the plug-in will impress the Web page load speed, the site is slow to open, it is conceivable that the user experience will not be better.

The plug-in function is good, but the use of many is not good. I am zblog blog program, the background has plug-ins to download directly or local upload installation plug-ins, in order to improve the function of the blog, but forgot that this will affect the speed of the site open. SEO inside often improve to do a good user experience (article guide: SEO user experience is the user habits, SEO common 15 of the worst user experience, site user experience optimization to start from 5 aspects, that user experience mainly from what aspects, Shao Jun that the Web site access speed is the key to user experience, If a Web site is slow to open, then there is no good content users can not see, so there will be today this article: To do a good job site user experience, improve the speed of Web site access is the key.

The following is a combination of observation and analysis of the impact of the site to visit the speed of some factors, and we discuss how to improve the speed of Web site access, if there are more important factors did not mention, but also please share in time.


1. Page size. When it comes to this, there may be comparisons, such as Sina home page is big enough, nearly 500K, but his access speed is still very fast, this is the hardware problem. However, under certain conditions, the page size for the speed of the Web site still has a great impact, because browsing the Web page itself is to download the Web content of the virtual host to the local hard disk, and then use the browser to explain the view. Download the speed of the page in the display rate accounted for a large proportion, so the page itself occupies a smaller space, then the faster browsing speed. This requires that when you do the Web page to follow the principles of basics, such as: Do not use too large flash animation, pictures and other resources.

2. Use static HTML pages as much as possible. This point in the SEO inside also often improve, although the dynamic URL is not a big impact on SEO, but if you can use static pages of the case to suggest or use static good. Because the use of static pages, each time the user submitted access, not by the server-side dynamic generation of the page, greatly saving the server resource consumption.

3. Code optimization. Web design is used before the table, and because of the disadvantages of the table loading, the past table+css gradually turned to Div, in addition to the code concise, its block loading way to a certain extent to improve the loading speed of the Web page. And from the SEO perspective div more consistent with the search engine crawl preferences.

4, pay attention to the public loading part of the inline and external. Externally called external calls, such as some public loading parts such as JavaScript and CSS can be unified in the external file, such as CSS unified in the page header call, and JavaScript unified at the end of the page call, Such benefits can be avoided as much as possible because the CSS has not been loaded in time to cause the page display effect error, and the script load blocking affect the later part of the display. In the actual web design, often visible public documents, the use of this principle.

5, host server. This factor in fact for the site is an objective factor, is not controlled by the website program, but also very important. Many people may be worried about choosing a virtual host or renting a server, because everyone wants to choose a product that is better in speed, performance and price. For a virtual host, a slightly larger web site and a larger traffic site is certainly not suitable for use, and small web site also pay attention to the flow factor, take Shao Jun blog, I use the million net M2 type of virtual host, in the middle because the traffic is a little bit larger is automatically closed, the official explanation for the elimination Excessive server resources. And the server has a single line and two lines of points, it is easy because of telecommunications and netcom line problems caused many web sites in the telecommunications line opened very quickly, but in the Netcom line is open very slow or not open, the well-known Road pine blog is so.

6. Other factors. For example, the use of caching technology to speed up the loading speed; Friendship links as far as possible use of text links, if you must use the picture link will not use the other side of the picture address, but the other side of the picture upload to their own site space, reduce by the user of the other side of the site loading Because the sentence, if you open the site is slow or almost difficult to open, then your site content is good that also can not keep users. Temporarily think of such a few points, I believe there are many factors affecting the speed of the site loading, if you have other better suggestions may wish to share together.

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