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Do corporate website promotion, personally feel that the more troublesome. Unlike large web site content rich, corporate web site generally so several pages, so the enterprise website to promote the chain and the site to optimize. And no matter what promotion, must have credibility, a business if the credibility of a bad, do more to promote are in vain. So in the promotion of the time must be really to reflect the enterprise information, not exaggerated, no say there.

A, the company website Forum publishes the related article, if the company does not have the forum best to join the forum.

Second, in the company's Web site to join the company dynamic, industry news, such as columns, regularly updated these several columns. Can be copied from elsewhere, modified.

Third, the establishment of the company QQ Group, inviting customers and other industries to join the QQ group.

Four, soft text promotion, write some related articles, the more sensational content, the more controversial the better.

Five, as much as possible with the industry site to do friendship links, play the relationship strength, you can ask in the circle of friends.

Six, in the Industry forum to publish information about the company, it is best to leave the relevant link address, the company name and other information.

Seven, in the Baidu space on the timely release of relevant articles, each article below need to take the company's website corresponding address, if there is no direct leave the Division domain name (this need to insist). The article can be reproduced from elsewhere, while a slight modification is better.

Eight, in the major blog to establish their own company's blog, regular release related content, each article best can be linked to the company's website.

Nine, search their own to do the keyword in each can register the website, register the company's information, must leave the company's website address, if you can publish products and other information, you need to release product information, and each product must also leave the corresponding address on the company's website. There must also be some business directory sites.

Ten, product information release, General Enterprise website has its own products can be published to some B2C/B2B website in doing all the promotion before, must take care of their own website. Do enterprise website corresponding columns should have, such as the company's basic information, customer feedback places, online customers place, if the product to be a very detailed list of product information, do not get customers to find products in where, the site to do the delicate, the site is the customer's impression of the company, do not engage in the kennel like, Customers look at the company has little confidence. to provide you with! Original article, reprint please leave the source!

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