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May 2011, I registered a skin care brand org domain name in the West digital, do a pregnant woman skin care products Amoy Passenger station, the well-known reason, want to put the site in the domestic space, can only get down to record, at that time, heard the record of the complexity of the procedures, coupled with the desire to make money, can only return to buy a Taiwan's host.

I didn't know that there were only 100 IIS in the Taiwan mainframe, and full of words to restart manually, just feel the space speed can be compared with the mainland's host, confidently began to insist on the original every day, did not submit in Baidu, automatically included, one months to add 90 original articles, 10 articles modified from the Internet, At the same time in each big friend chain platform and classification information, Webmaster BBS inside do outside chain, kungfu not negative, one months later, incredibly some rankings, every day to 40 IP around, and over one months, poor IIS is full, out of 100 increased 50 IIS, in the third month, IP has exceeded 200, The monthly income has reached 2000 yuan, but the site is often DDoS attacks, IIS suddenly full, often in the 2 o'clock in the morning more than open, customer service is not, we all know that the early morning is the search engine active period, as expected, in the fourth month of Baidu Big update, the first page decisively by K, can not find.

At this time to know the importance of the record, if you know the site can develop to such a result, has long been filed. Estimated at that time, the first home was K that 15 days loss of 100 yuan a day, 15 days, through the original and high weight outside the chain, successfully re-indexed home, at this time I have decided to record. Think of these 15 days lost more than 1000 dollars to feel distressed ah.

With no one to advise, in the process of the record did not pay attention to some details, took a lot of detours, the results were submitted 3 times, spent 4 months before the record, to share a record of the process should pay attention to the three small details, hope that the majority of webmaster friends more attention, less detours.

First, the site notes can not be too few words

I am using the other already filed site's record number to increase access, the record number of the Web site host is easy to buy inside the host, and this space business record process is: Customer submissions-record commissioner to help write site notes-room audit-mailing information to the provincial bureau-waiting for the record results. The first time to submit the record information is very smooth, the Commissioner has been sent to the computer room audit, and then received an e-mail notice that has been sent to the board. Waited 20 days, received an email saying the record failed. Asked the filing commissioner, told me that the site notes too little information, the original Commissioner to help me fill in the notes when I wrote: Maternity skin care brand six words. No way, the note information to write carefully the second time immediately submitted.

Second, there is no forum under the filing number

This really makes me want to cry no tears, the second submission up to wait 20 working days, get the answer or the record failed, so I personally called the board to inquire, staff told me the original record number below there is a forum, so this record did not pass, only obediently reluctantly shut down the forum, for the third time to submit.

Third, Amoy Guest site notes to do the necessary instructions

Submitted the third time, I seem to be tossing the temper, and no previous momentum. But there is a good saying: The early bird catches the worm. I didn't wait for the record to come out, so I called. May be the previous several times is the management of the girl audit, she heard, she did not say before that arrogant, but calmly said: Strictly speaking, you this site or commodity transactions related to the special record. I hastened to explain to her that my site does not involve any sale of goods, just a display of merchandise information. She heard: Well, then this time I will give you audit.

4 months marathon record finally passed, heart boulder to the ground, quickly in the domestic bought a slightly better host, the site moved past. Drifting in Taiwan for a large six months, and finally to return to the bosom of the Motherland mainland. Magical is, put to Hebei host after one weeks, the site immediately included a large increase in rankings and weights have also been elevated. Although there is no data to be placed in the foreign host site Baidu included and ranked no domestic host good, but my site is indeed so.

Here to remind you of a busy webmaster, especially those of us migrant workers like Amoy owners, the record of the three easy to be ignored details must be well grasped, fill in the record of the time as far as possible to explain this site does not involve any commodity trading transactions, information complete, the words can not be too little. At the same time the original record number below to ensure that there is no forum for the special record of the type of site.

This article by pregnant women with what brand of skin care products Good Waves original, starting in webmaster nets, the article only representative of personal views, welcome reprint, Reprint please keep the link.

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