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We all know what is the key word, this is not much said directly into the subject;

How to choose the key words? Here is a share of my choice of words experience, hoping to help more new people;

Determine "Scope word" based on blog content

What is a range word?

This word is my own set, meaning is based on the relevant content to pick the most relevant words in the scope of the content, such as: SEO includes a lot of content, if the use of this word to do the keyword is not convenient for users to directly find the things they need, or regional SEO and so on;

Second, according to the scope of the word extended keywords (that is, often said long tail words)

SEO can expand the word countless, everyone according to their own blog's actual direction and content to expand; To this blog to choose the keyword as an example: Veyron seo, Shaoguan seo, seo learning;

1, the Dragon SEO: The reason for choosing this word is because personal blog, at least have a blog name or bo Master name, but also facilitate the exchange between bloggers and learning;

2, Shaoguan seo: This blog is mainly targeted at Shaoguan users, to facilitate local users to find SEO services set;

3, SEO Learning: is to provide new SEO keywords, if you want to do SEO learning, and do not know how to start, only rely on search engines to search keywords.

Through the above analysis I believe that everyone knows how to choose their own keywords? In general, a small selection of words based on the broad direction will give you more effective users.

Third, how to choose key words to make their blog optimization more confident

1. Start from simple; Many people will say that simple words don't bring benefits; that's true, but you can't even do the simplest words. How to make difficult words?

2, do the simplest; When a novice to do a simple word, do not consider this time is not difficult, do not need to spend so much time, this is not the idea, you should seriously really, do your best to do the word, after all, is the first word of their own, the home page does not say difficulty size, the word is done, will bring more confidence to themselves, On the contrary, it will hit itself.

3, not ambitious; Beginners often hear certain words search is very high, Baidu Index is very high, easy to make money, so blindly to choose keywords, this is a misunderstanding. Usually some keywords need to do Yinianbanzai, not so easy, this will be on your SEO this road caused a certain blow.

Summary of this article: Novice do seo in addition to stick to do a little things, but also know how to choose a key word, so that they have more confidence, and then step on the Internet, otherwise you will not go on this road long!

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