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Soft Wen is a network promotion of a technique, I to the soft wen is that: what is soft wen? Soft is through an article or a paragraph of text, to achieve a certain promotion effect, is called soft wen. Soft Wen is also a lot of webmaster and network promotion staff commonly used to promote the method.

What are the characteristics of the soft text? Can get so many people support?

In fact, 昝某 that soft and hard advertising compared to a better, subtle place in a "soft" word, like petitions, Grams of the enemy in the invisible, and so you find this is a soft wen, you have unwittingly fall into the trap, soft Wen pursues is a kind of embellish fine silent realm, just as Taijiquan, softness, seemingly boring, is actually the most powerful marketing tool.

So, how to learn soft writing?

Read some articles, practice for a period of time, today to sum up, one is to better improve learning, the second is to pass this humble text to know more friends. In the soft writing, there should be a standard, how soft talent count qualified. It is simple to say that there are two features: first, the number of comments, the second is the number of reprint; Do not know how many people I this article will comment and reprint ha.

What kind of soft writing is better? What kind of soft text would someone look at?

Then ask yourself first, what kind of articles do you like to read? You are reading this article to show that this article is helpful to you, so say, write the article must be helpful to some people, they will read your article, will reprint your article. Themes can share their own experience, can also be published entertainment funny articles. For example, mouchangqing network promotion blog, mainly write their own network promotion experience. Jude's article, is the entertainment to look for the curse sex, has played the very good propaganda effect.

What kind of person will reprint his article?

Probably one kind is likes own article type the reader, also has one kind is the colleague website editor will reprint your article to their website. If you want to promote their products and brands, in the introduction of the article after a little introduction on the good. Published, you also need to meditate on where your readers like to go, reprint what kind of article.

Soft article The biggest advantage is to play the publicity effect, do this is enough, see how the effect, sometimes, a good soft, may be in a few years after the product to play an important role in publicity.

There are also learning soft writing is very important to read a lot of peer-written articles, read more, they will migrate to improve a lot of desertification. Today, I would like to share with you here, hope and more friends to exchange experience and learning.

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