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Open shop with more than a year of time to learn to promote, network marketing work. Looking back on the promotion experience of a year, now small summary, as well as some new problems found.

Summary of questions:

1, a lot of friends shop early are very hard-working little honey, also often go to the community paste, but not adhere to a period of time will be discouraged, feel the effect is small, or no effect, and finally will only complain in the forum

2, why others will write excellent good sticky, will add sperm, or become hot stickers, sticky stickers. My level is not high, and can not write what wonderful things, do not write, boring.

3, just start very the new goods, do map, and actively cooperate with other people's some good ideas, finally because I think there is no business, boring, no time, no effect on the shop, to fend for themselves.

4, see other people are also the heart is a diamond, my goods are very rich, service attitude is also very good. Why is business still bad?

5, the family also support me, I also often on the forum, the community, but also full-time practitioners, but, why pay and return is not proportional to it?

Ii. solution to the problem:

1, you also have to write and paste, post, you have to write a paste of literary talent, see your intentions. But why don't you persevere? Nothing can be done overnight. You look at yourself, not also used in the tens of 20 of years of time to grow so big, so you spend the time and energy in Taobao is too little, fundamental and success is not directly proportional. You want to be like mom.

2, for the first question, I personally feel that a good thing, the light has a positive is not enough, but also the determination to persevere. If you already know your text is not wonderful, can not enter the essence of the paste, you could write the story that happened to you, ah, little things ah. The other is the mentality of the treatment: and a lot of Taobao buyers spend 10 yuan to 100 yuan of goods the same mentality. Can not be sentimental, to be realistic. Taobao women's community in so many categories, can always find your favorite and appropriate, hehe. Nurturing you: Patience, love, responsibility.

3, this is the most undesirable way, using the metaphor of life is called irresponsible. Small shop, is you personally typed a child, you have to spend some time every day with him, take him to other communities to see, give him beautiful pictures, dress up, accompany him grow up, watching the store growth, that satisfaction you do not want to experience it. Not a few days without business will be discouraged, give up, the world's lucky few people, most of the success of their own efforts and perseverance. I believe that we are good prospects, we all have a good fit to grow the sun, water, and land.

4, the 4th actually need not say much. Someone in the life of a BMW driving Mercedes, and I take the bus, I am not born by bus life, I am not going to take a lifetime bus. I now take the bus to work, through hard study, serious work, seize every opportunity to show and improve, is to open a Bentley and Lauslais in the future. However, success is not a night explosion rich, the accumulation of wealth is a very long process, you have seen sitting Big Ben, who ran the business of the hard? Do you see the people who drive a BMW who had no money to eat and almost did something bad? Business is not bad, because it is not yet time. You look back to see, your goods are for which consumer groups, and you have to visit the Super seller's shop, to see how the peer is how to put goods, how to describe ... And so on, a person regardless of the way of life or open shop, should be clear self-examination, only through continuous self-examination, can continue to progress ... Is that right?

5, the fifth kind of seller I am very understanding, and also sympathize. You've taken Taobao as a career, but for starters, I don't recommend it full-time. Because Taobao is not more than the real store, the effect, I generally understand from the internet also want to Yinianbanzai, if you do not make this determination, and do not seriously improve themselves, then or not full-time, the loss is too strong, will affect the enthusiasm of your business shop. There is no rule in this world that pay and return must be proportional to the AH ...

To sum up, pure is personal opinion. Hope that the lost sellers and disappointed sellers are put healthy mentality.

A street on the physical storefront, there is a profit, there is a loss, in the Taobao women's shop is also a business, business losses are very normal.

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