Shun network technology 250 million acquisition 3 companies to upgrade the Internet Café channel coverage

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On the September 6 suspension of Shun network Division (300113) technology finally opened the veil of mystery, the company intends to buy 3 companies, not exceeding 250 million, used to enhance the value of Internet cafes channel. The company's shares will also be opened today. Yesterday evening Shun Network Technology (market, interrogation) issued a notice, the company and Hintsoft Holdings Ltd., Von Delin, Xu Zhiyong, Shanghai Linck, and so on Advertising Co., Ltd. signed the "Share Transfer Framework agreement", the company acquired Shanghai New Hao Art Software Co., Ltd., Shanghai sent Bo Software Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Linck Fei Seoul Advertising Co., Ltd. ("target Company") 100% equity interests to reach a preliminary intention. The company intends to take no more than 250 million yuan to acquire a 100% per cent stake in the target company. After the acquisition is completed, the target company will become a wholly owned subsidiary of the company. The company said that the acquisition is conducive to the realization of Internet Café Channel coverage of the leap-forward upgrade, consolidate the leadership of the industry, greatly enhance the platform effect, enrich the product line, improve the company's value to the Internet Café Channel, synergies to enhance the value of value-added services. New Hao Art software is mainly engaged in internet cafes channel entertainment platform, as well as Internet cafes management and billing system design, development and sales, is currently one of the leading Internet café software suppliers, its products cover the national mainstream internet cafes market. 2012 the company's operating income of 54.49 million yuan, net profit of 5.07 million yuan. Send Bo software is mainly engaged in network security product design, development and sales, according to the specific needs of users, targeted development of network security hardware and software solutions. 2012 the company's operating income of 29.4 million yuan, net profit of 5.14 million yuan. Linck is mainly engaged in based on the new Hao art software launched by the Internet cafes billing and entertainment platform software advertising operations and sales operations. As the most important value-added service, Linck through a wide range of new software products, to provide customers with software based on the home page, contrast updates, Windows and banner, and other forms of network advertising, covering the use of new-Hao art software users of the vast number of netizens to achieve product and brand information efficient publicity and promotion. 2012 the company's operating income of 54.05 million yuan, net profit of 23.04 million yuan. According to the agreement, the target company audited by the end of June 30, 2013, the consolidated cumulative unallocated profit, not more than 20 million yuan of the part, owned by the transferor, more than 20 million yuan and the basis of the future income generated by the company owned. Shun net technology is? Domestic leading Internet cafes maintenance and billing software providers, and through the sea of clouds entertainment platform to provide one-stop Internet entertainment services. The company's main business for Internet cafes software sales and services, internet advertising and promotion, the Internet value-added (traffic) and game joint operations.
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