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Site from the creation to now has been more than 1 years, has been running normally, the visit is also very stable, until yesterday a friend told me that my site was Hung horse, when I heard the site hanging horse I was confused, overwhelmed, I really did not meet before, also do not know what is hanging horse, online search for a full 3 days, Finally the site was hung horse to know, I guess a lot like the first time I met the site was hanging horse webmaster must also be very headache, do not hurt, and I, below I will give you talk about how I solve the site was Hung horse!

What is the impact of a Web site being hung by horses?

The number of websites is growing, to the Internet to add a lot of information and color, for the growing netizens is a good thing, but the site has become a hacker's goal, hackers in order to make money at all costs, to invade the site and hang the horse, leading to the internet's black links more and more rich, Users use trojans and viruses more and more. Impact on both sides, one side is the impact on the user, such as QQ account is stolen, game accounts, bank accounts stolen, the loss is very large, the other side is the impact on the webmaster, the site was hanging horse, the search engine will immediately drop the right, ranking will drop, the site data may be stolen and spread.

What is a horse on a website?

Many novice stationmaster does not know what is hangs the horse, I will introduce roughly: the website is hanged the horse is refers to the website to be the hacker malicious upload the Trojan horse, and has the malicious virus code embedded in the website homepage or each place, these hangs the horse to divide many kinds, has the picture hangs the horse, the frame hangs the horse, the JS hangs the horse, Global.asa hangs the horse, There are iframe hanging horses, and so on.

How to detect your own website is hanging horse?

I'm here to tell you about my test site is hanging horse method, first open their own web site and then right to see the source code, general hanging horse will hang in the home code of the middle or the bottom, see some of their own do not know the site link that is generally the site is people to hang horses, Another detection method is to use FTP permissions to view their web site procedures, see if they are unfamiliar with the filename and JS file, if there is that is hanging horse, and then one is the hacker upload script Trojan is generally 30-90kb about the file, can also be judged by the size of the file, if you do not understand, can also use the Sine security website is hanged Horse detection tool to detect, my website uses this tool to use in less than 5 minutes quickly to detect many website Trojan code.

How to solve the site was hung horse?

The above said how to detect hanging horse, the general people can understand, really do not know to use sine security hanging horse detection tool to detect that is the simplest. The general Stationmaster encounters the website to be hanged the horse how to do? First of all, do not worry, the site's program is most important, to first back up the Web site procedures and databases. Then the local setting up the environment to clean up the Trojan code, do not directly in the FTP operation, which will make you more difficult to handle hanging horse. There are many kinds of horses to hang, I have described the above, and then the actual situation if you encounter different kinds of hanging horses, you can handle a pair of, I put my research on a set of horse solutions to contribute out, I hope to help everyone, I am also webmaster, the site was hanging horse mood I know. I also hope that you encounter problems are happy to deal with the solution.

Qing Ma

1, look for the label of the horse, such as <script language= "javascript" src= "NET horse address" ></script> or <iframe width=400 height=350 frameborder=0 Scrolling=auto src= Network horse address ></iframe>, some of the framework of the 0 is also hanging horse characteristics, the above calculation of the integrated characteristics of the horse, must first find hanging horse code, and then the next is to handle hanging horse.

2, found the malicious code, the next is the Qing horse, if it is a Web page is Hung horse, you can use manual clear, also can use batch clear, Web page clear horse is simpler, will not be able to use Sinesafe horse cleaning tools to deal with, now focus on the SQL database clear horse, with this sentence "Update table name set Field name =replace (field name, ' AAA ', ') ', explain the meaning of this sentence: The field name contained in the contents of the replacement of AAA to empty, this way can be a table of the bulk delete net horse. Remove the horse before you have to back up the database, because the Trojan is also likely to damage the database.

In your website program or database is not backed up, you can implement the above two steps to clear the horse, if your website program has a backup, directly overwrite the original file can be. The above is to clean up the horse code, after the removal of the horse to do web site procedures to repair, because the final cause of the horse is the Web site program has loopholes will be hackers to use and hang the horse, only do a good job of the Web site program security will not be hackers hanging horse, this is also a solution to the horse. Have the conditions can also find a professional to do site security to do Web site procedures for security maintenance.

Above is my personal experience, but also sincerely hope to help all the webmaster. Only Stationmaster's website is safe, can bring the stable customer source, to visit the website user is also one kind of responsibility.

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